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Nikolai Tolstoy (ニコライ=トルストイ Nikorai Torusutoi?, Russian: Николай Толстой, Yen Press: Nikolai Tolstoj) is a Bishop in the Russian Orthodox Church. During the Third World War, he allies with Fiamma of the Right to capture Sasha Kreutzev for him in exchange for Nikolai becoming the next Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church. He's not the leader of Annihilatus, a position held by Vasilisa, despite having considerable influence over the group.


Nikolai was described as a middle aged man wearing an expensive bishop-class outfit,[1] with a voice described as the voice of a man in the prime of his life.[2]


He is a man of personal ambition that believes that his success is tantamount to benefiting Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church.[3] His ambition stems from a big ego that has him view others as inferior to himself and this leads to him underestimating them.[4] He also views his subordinates as nothing more than disposable pawns for his own goals.[5]


Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Daihaisei Festival Arc[]

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When the Croce di Pietro was still thought to be the Stab Sword, Nikolai was the one thought to be on the receiving end of the deal for the artifact, due to his reputation of being ambitious and willing to use just about any method to get what he wants.[3]

British Royal Family Arc[]

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After Fiamma of the Right seizes the controller for Index's John's Pen mode from Carissa in the conclusion of coup d'état, Nikolai, in keeping with their alliance between their respective churches orders the capture of Sasha Kreutzev as she contained the telesma left over by Archangel Gabriel, though these attempts were thwarted by Vasilisa.[6]

World War III Arc[]

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Since he was also the pipeline between the church and the military, it was a simple matter for him to fake the Patriarch's signature by electronically signing a random dummy document on a tablet and then attached the handwriting data to a more dangerous document there by starting the war.[1] He then set about cordoning off large amounts of land and displacing the people living there, all to make the preparation for the Star of Bethlehem though he had no knowledge of the what the area was truly used for at that time.[7]

After Fiamma summoned the Archangel Gabriel Nikolai starts ordering around to take out Academy City's forces to which Fiamma just laughed at him before stating that he was done using him and the Russian Orthodox Church. Fiamma then goes on to comment about Nikolai's incompetence for not seeing the betrayal coming and why he would make a poor Patriarch. Trying desperately to save face he reminds him of his subordinates stationed around the Star of Bethlehem to create it, Fiamma was unimpressed by that threat and reveals that all his actions thus far had given him access to normal magic once again allowing for him to maintain the star by himself.[4][8] Enraged at Fiamma's comments, Nikolai immediately orders the Russian forces to attack the star.[4]

Later he is seen confronting Vasilisa as she tries to reach the patriarch, they momentarily debate her fairy tale origins before he uses a weapon he specify made to kill her the Water of Death. As he witnessed her body being devolved by the water he proclaimed his victory while boasting the war was Russia's will as well as that of the church. When he noticed that despite half her body having already been disintegrated she seemed to be in no pain at all. As he stands transfixed at her regeneration, she gives one of the ways he could have faked the Patriarch's signature and that he was planing to assassinate him later and assume the mantle him self.[1]

Nikolai falls to Vasilisa

For his part Nikolai could only wonder how his Water of Death could had failed when Vasilisa reviles she posses the Water of Life in her body. After witnessing the defeat of his greatest weapon he becomes momentary helpless in which Vasilisa kills him.[1]

After his death, the independent unit trying to fire nuclear missiles against the Star of Bethlehem on his orders were reported to be in a state of confusion after being unable to reach him according to Misaka 10777.[9]


Water of Death (死の水 Shi no Mizu?): He created a replica of the Water of Death as spiritual item based on the Russian fairy tale. In the story, a cannibal witch is in charge of two fountains. One contains the Water of Life that gives one eternal life, while the other contains the Water of Death that ends one’s life. The knights asked the witch to lead them to the Water of Life and they managed to monopolize the Water of Life by pushing the witch into the Water of Death. He manged to create it from unknown materials he found and sent for from the back country of Russia for the sole purpose of killing Vasilisa. When he used it it seemed to shoot out of the container it was in and rushed forward like a tidal wave striking its target and disintegrating them.[1]

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