A Ninja (忍者?) is a term referring to a type of covert agent or mercenary that existed in feudal Japan. They are in a state of decline in the modern age despite some ninja clans still existing in modern times with some now operating globally,[1] and are trying to restore their prestige in the world.


Ninjas were originally bandits that were hired by some powerful military leader. This humble origin allows for anyone to become a ninja. Ever pragmatic, the ninjas uses things from the clothes on their back or even the lack of it to their advantage. Moreover, ninjas always use contemporary weapons for their purposes and disguised them, such as arquebuses camouflaged as staffs and inro,[2] though is apparently not adverse into using traditional weapons like the uchine. They also apparently prefer weapons that don't stand out too much like an uchine, specifically those that can be concealed or disguised. Finally, ninjas apparently prefer to kill on the first strike and if that fails quietly retreat over a protracted battle.[3] Ninjas don't also lay down their lives for a single goal.[3]

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According to Hattori Hanzou, ninjas are supposed to be in supporting roles as they live in the hidden darkness out of protection and not be in the spotlight. However, as time went on, "pure lines" or families began to spring up like the Hattori and Iga. Hanzou argues that by the time ninjas have "pure lines" they cannot survive in the world.[3] It is likely why the ninja are in a state of decline. Currently, the Kouga and other ninja clans have been operational in the shadows for a long time and have managed to continue doing so even into the 21st century to varying degrees. Recently, due to changing times, the groups have been looking into Academy City's Power Curriculum Program and Gemstones, and, as such, have been seeking to obtain the means to develop genuine supernatural powers.[1] Though they do not seem to have any awareness of the existence of the Magic side.

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