Nishio (西雄 Nishio?) is a character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator. He is a member of a rogue Anti-Skill group, the DA. Passionate with the tenets of the organization he works for, he is later killed by the organization after failing to retrieve Esther Rosenthal and losing a prototype Coffin.[1] His DA code name is Basset Hound.[2]


He has blonde hair that is cut short. He is exclusively seen in his Anti-Skill gear.


He can be described as very passionate to the point of zealotry regarding his duties as a member of the DA, who wants to clean up the "evil" of Academy City, and despises espers like Accelerator.[3]

He is also easy to anger, and willing to use the prototype of their weapon after being hurt by Accelerator instead of retreating.[3]


Toaru Kagaku no AcceleratorEdit

Necromancer ArcEdit

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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator E02 06m 36s

Nisho sees Accelerator

He first appears entering a certain hospital, using the Chameleon Camouflage, to retrieve Esther Rosenthal who has come there to search for Last Order and keep her away from the clutches of the DA. He easily beats Esther and takes her away. There, however, he finds Accelerator, who has muted the sound so he can concentrate on his book, and though he doesn't like to leave him free is forced to do so and takes Esther away.

He later binds Esther, ready to take her back to the DA.
Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator E02 09m 45s

Accelerator confronts Nishio

However, Accelerator comes forth and ask him to let her go for he has questions that did answering. Bold is the Anti-Skill but in need of wisdom for he wishes to confound Accelerator's plans, though he accepts this challenge and easily overpowers him. Injured however, he continues to resist and pushes a button. Suddenly, a large mechanical object arrives and great destruction is on his wake, now Accelerator is intrigued of this and challenges its might.

Before the powerful beasts meet in battle, the Anti-Skill mocks him on how he isn't as powerful as he used to be after his brain damage. He then says that mercilessly destroying is evil is the DA company policy, and tells him that it is time that he, the Accelerator, learned the foolishness of evil. With that fire gathers around the great machine, a fire born out of esper ability, leading Accelerator to think that there is someone inside the machine. Accelerator is engulfed in a hail of fire, but he remains unaffected by it. Still though, the damage to his surroundings is of great magnitude. The Anti-Skill brags about this, but Accelerator just mocks Academy City's terrible taste. The Anti-Skill however points out that the machine isn't of Academy City's doing but the DA. Regardless, Accelerator just mocks him as an Anti-Skill and warns him not to become full of himself. The Anti-Skill however points out that he is not a mere guard dog but a hound that bite into all evil within Academy City, and brags about the fangs of DA that will tear evil to shreds. Accelerator laughs at his justification and say that if (using the biting metaphor) they took a bite of him and of himself they will both taste the same. But the man insists that they are not the same. Dropping the subject, the man says that though Accelerator still has his reflection he asks him how long it can last against his machine. Accelerator however points out that he has no reason to wait until he can't use his reflection, as such he'll just kill him right away.

With a light tap of his feet, a fissure opens up before his feet towards the machine and the man. They fall in and the man wonders how Accelerator could still have that much power even after getting brain damage. Despite their fall, the machine takes the man by its appendage and leaps out of the hole. Landing back, the man wonders if the prototype machine isn't enough to oppose the Accelerator. Without notice, Accelerator throws the two vehicles earlier towards the machine and then charges towards it. As he draws closer, the man orders the machine to protect him. And that it tries, using its powers to make wall of fire. He then orders it to buy him some time until he can withdraw.[3]

After licking his wounds, he goes back to the warehouse where Esther was restrained, and comes into contact with Hishigata, another member of the company, though he doesn't know it believing it to be a superior. Nishio complains to the man on the other line that the "Coffin" was useless and that he can't fight espers with it. He calls out to his colleague, Hishigata, for lying to him, but the person on the other line reveals to him not to do that, showing that he is the Hishigata person. He tells that the power of the prototype is based on the esper's level, as such it can't do anything much. He tells him that he was the one at fault as he used it without permission. He however says that there was nothing it could do against Accelerator. Hishigata however says that at least he captured Esther and asks for her.
Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator E03 01m 29s

Nishio's corpse.

This forces the man however to tell the truth, but says it was an unexpected situation. Hearing this, Hishigata deems Nishio a liability, making Nishio plead to him, but he does not listen. Nishio prepares for his termination. Suddenly, a black sphere appears on the corner of the room. He is killed by the Qiong Qi mecha sent by Hishigata, his body mutilated and skin melted off his face.[1]


As a member of Anti-Skill, he is as least trained in basic combat and of the handling of weapons. Indeed, he easily subdues Esther, who has a close ranged weapon with her, a dagger, with a chop to the neck.


Alongside his Anti-Skill gear, he is equipped with an assault rifle and a Chameleon Camouflage.

Character Art DesignEdit



  • (To Accelerator, from Accelerator Chapter 1): "Guard dog? That fits perfectly. We are the hounds that bite into all evil within Academy City. All evil will be torn to shreds by DA's fangs."


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