No buts! is the first opening theme for the second season of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime adapation. It was introduced in the first episode of the anime.


Kawada Mami composed the lyrics and provided lead vocals; music composition was done by Nakazawa Tomoyuki, as well as arrangement along with Ozaki Takeshi. The proper single release of the song was on November 3, 2010.[1]

The single release features the full version of the opening theme.

  1. "No buts!" – 3:37
  2. "SATANIC" – 4:53
  3. "No buts!" -instrumental- – 3:37
  4. "SATANIC" -instrumental- – 4:50


No Buts! Title Card

The Toaru Majutsu no Index II Title Card

By appearance


  • Touma battling Oriana Thomson


Japanese English Translation
Yubi de hajiku coin mitsumeta
Omote nara go, Ura wa stay
Mazu kotae wo kikasete
I looked at the coin I was about to toss
Heads means I should go, and tails means I should stay
First tell me the answer,
Douka oshiete kuremasenka
Tenshi wa misadameru Egao no mama
I beg you to do so
The Angel, still smiling, judges me with its eyes
Mayoe sono te wo hiku mono nado inai
Kami ga kudasu sono kotae wa
fukou datta
there is no one that would lead those wandering hands
the answer the God gave,
was misfortune
Sou sore koso kami kara no okurimono
Norikoetara miete kuru sa
Dakara imasugu
but yes, that exactly was the gift from the god
if you overcome it, you will see
so go on, immediately
No Buts! No Buts!


  • The Misawa Cram School building can be seen near the end of the opening theme.
  • Saten Ruiko does not appear in the opening theme, unlike the previous ones.


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