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Numerology is the study of numerical values in the letters of words, names and ideas, and the belief in mystical relationships between numbers and coinciding events.

In Toaru Majutsu no Index, certain numerological aspects are connected to various forms of Magic.


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There are various numerological techniques for calculating the values associated with a particular subject. Two such methods are Gematria and Isopsephy.


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Academy City Invasion ArcEdit

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

Aspects of numerology were incorporated into the Pythagorean-derived Wooden Stake Magic which the Roman Catholic Church intended to use to skewer the residents of Academy City who had been rendered unconscious by Vento of the Front's Divine Punishment.[1]

British Royal Family ArcEdit

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When Elizard explained to Kamijou Touma about the Curtana, it was mentioned that Henry VIII made use of the four nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as part of one large nation in the spell he was constructing, in order to use the 'land' aspect symbolized by the number four.[2]

World War III ArcEdit

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When Fiamma of the Right uses the Star of Bethlehem to reset the distorted four elements as part of Project Bethlehem, he was referred to as monopolizing the numbers three and four, associated with the heavens and the earth, which were important numbers in Christian culture.[3]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Aleister Crowley ArcEdit

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During the events in Windowless Building on December 11th, it was mentioned that the number associated with both Aiwass and Thelema is 93.[4]

Processor Suit ArcEdit

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During the events in the evening of December 11th and the morning of December 12th, Aiwass's numerical value of 93 is mentioned again, together with Coronzon's numerical value of 333.[5][6]

Coronzon ArcEdit

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The final barrier of the England-Londinium Fortress was said to have been intentionally randomized, such that enemies cannot make fixed correspondence tables using Gematria and other similar methods to untangle it.[7] Being composed of triple barriers of four different types, a combination of 3 and 4 just like the UK's combination of three factions and four regions, it was noted by Index to give physical repulsive force to the rules permeating the land and space, using aspects of national or regional character which work to distance outsiders.[7]

During the events surrounding the Ceremony of Mo Athair, the Honours of Scotland (three regalia, together with the Stone of Scone) were noted to be another pair of 3 and 4, like the system behind the Curtana.[8] The ten sides of the Queen Britannia's heliport temple were also noted to represent the ten Sephirah.[9] Later, during the attack on the Queen Britannia, Qliphah Puzzle 545 realized her essence as a guide to the Abyss inherited from her creator, declaring her number to be the true 11, meaning 'the stepping stone of wickedness that supports good deeds'.[10][11]

Uses of Numerology within the storyEdit

  • Gematria: An alphanumeric code for assigning numerical values to Hebrew or English word based on its letters, and a system of numerology.
    • Index refers to Gematria while discussing the intentional randomization of the England-Londinium Fortress's final barrier, which prevents people from untangling it via correspondence tables using Gematria and other similar methods.[7]


# Meanings and Associations Usage in Toaru Majutsu no Index
3 Sky, the heavens
4 Land, the earth
10 The Sephirah The ten sides of the Queen Britannia's heliport temple are meant to represent the ten conventional Sephirah, the spheres of the Sephiroth.[9]
11 The Qliphoth, Da'at, the Abyss
12 The world
93 Thelema, Aiwass Aiwass's numerical value of 93, the same as Thelema, was referred to multiple times during the events on December 11th.[4][5]
333 Coronzon, dispersion The number 333 is repeatedly mentioned as Coronzon's numerical value and connected to its nature of dispersion.[5][6]

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