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Occult (非現実オカルト Higenjitsu (Okaruto)?, lit. "Unreality") is a term used by the Science Side to refer to magic. Several other wordings appear in the novels as well,[1] even amongst magicians.


Kamijou Touma uses it as a term to refer to magic, and states that the occult are merely "illusions" of people believing that there are invisible rules that govern the universe, referring to those things that are currently unexplainable to science.[Excerpts 1] However, he does see the irony of having something unexplainable to science, the Imagine Breaker, despite not believing in the occult. Despite this, he maintains skepticism, in that just because there are unexplainable things in the world does not mean magic exists. Moreover, he refers to his mysterious amount of misfortune as a separate case to that of the occult.[2]

It can be assumed that people still separate the occultic "magic" from the "magic" that is used by the enemies of Academy City, as the people of the city deem it as a simple code for an esper program different from theirs.

Normal people, such as Kamijou Touya, refer to magic or the supernatural that cannot be explained by science as occult as well when referring to his souvenirs.

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  1. "Right. That is the true identity of the occult. Luck is just us dreaming of these invisible rules. While reality is just something pathetic like a coincidence, our hearts mistake it for some great inevitability. That is the occult."―Kamijou Touma, Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 01 Chapter 1 Part 3