Okada Ayumu (岡田歩 Okada Ayumu?) is a college student, appearing in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 13.


Unlike Kenzan Shouji and Higata Akio, he is worried about the dangers of their hunt for the Liquid Diamond. He is described as nervous.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Magic God Invasion ArcEdit

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After High Priest threw a building which was saved Misaka Mikoto's electromagnetic powers, he and the others enter the building to steal the Liquid Diamond. They find Akikawa Mie retrieving it from the destroyed vault and begin chasing her.[2]

After stealing a gun and P-Phone from a wrecked Anti-Skill vehicle destroyed during the High Priest's rampage, he, Shouji and Akio narrow down Mie's location. Ayumu voices his fear of being shot by Anti-Skill, to which Shouji reassures him not to worry. Shouji then notices Akio's hesitation and confronts him if there is a problem, to which Akio reluctantly says that there isn't any, knowing that Shouji has the gun.[1]

They eventually catch up to Mie, and try to take the Liquid Diamond from her. Unfortunately for them Kamijou Touma was nearby, and seeing her plight, decides to save her despite being chased by the High Priest. Touma plows the Acrobike into Shouji, allowing Mie to take back the Liquid Diamond container. Touma tells Mie to hold on to the container and get down as he pedals away. Immediately afterwards the High Priest passes through, still trying to catch up to Touma. This allows Mie to escape with the Liquid Diamond.[3]

In the end, Ayumu was the one only who was injured by the High Priest. Shouji, now consumed by his greed, decides to leave Ayumu behind, forcing Akio with the gun to continue in chasing down the Liquid Diamond with him.[4]


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