Olay Blueshake (オーレイ = ブルーシェイク Ōrei Burūsheiku?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a powerful and influential media mogul and businesswoman, who is held in high regard for being one of the people who keeps America running,[1] and whose power extends even through the House of Representatives,[2] making her title as the Media Queen appropriate.

Olay is a primary figure during the invasion of Hawaii, although she isn't present in any of the engagements or probably even Hawaii itself. The technology she allowed to develop, Free Compound Eyes, allowed her unlimited information and knowledge, a great advantage during the entire affair.


Due to wanting to keep up a public image, as the people of America were fond of the frontier spirit, as well as to stave off criticisms regarding the Internet-business being too radical, Olay is often seen wearing a ten-gallon hat and spurred boots, like that of a cowboy.


She is intelligent and business savvy, as evidenced by her takeover and control of several businesses, regardless to its connection to media and information. She is also very cunning, using lawyers and her influence to distort the truth for her own gain.

She was apparently an abusive wife, and likely, an abusive mother, forcing her child into a rigid lifestyle befitting of an heir to her media empire, apparent in her bitter divorce and later losing custody of her only child.


Rise to powerEdit

Her life is veiled in the unknown, probably due to her lasting influence in information. What is known of her is that she used to live in Washington DC, and somehow obtained the inheritance of her grandfather's business/information network instead of her father. With that, she began expanding her business, creating special news channels, buying up all the country's newspapers and major cellphone companies. She also owns several major league teams and professional American football teams. She is business savvy, able to use non-information related business under her control using her information technology. She is so powerful, she even had Flack Kateman, the car king, as well as the railroad king under her control. She also later takes control of all the major internet search engines, internet providers, as well the social networking business, making her having almost complete control of America's information networks. This would later aid in her development of the Free Compound Eyes technology. She is apparently so powerful that there are rumors going about that she has within her hands classified government information—such as of Knowledge 12, which she is a major investor of—, has a hand in 30% of the world's oil, as well as being referred to as the third house in Congress. Any political entity would do well not to get on her bad side.[2]

During Roberto Katze's campaign for the Presidency, Olay supported Roberto using her vast influence and power.[2] She later got married and had a child, a daughter, Lindy Blueshake. Apparently, Olay became sterile afterwards, making unable to bear a child.[3]

Downfall and change of plansEdit

Later, the FCE was being investigated thoroughly. Yet, Olay managed to escape all legal responsibility due to her power and influence. However, the investigation later proved to her downfall, as it showed the domestic environment and personal life of Olay Blueshake. It was discovered that she was apparently abusive to her husband and most likely to Lindy as well.[4] She later got a divorced, and due to her power and influence, manipulated the truth and had the blame fall on her husband. She retained custody of Lindy, up until later investigation, which revealed that she maybe a possible danger to Lindy. Despite this, the public never knew that her daughter was taken away into protective custody, due to her influence. Furthermore, complete protection of her daughter was backed up by Roberto Katze, which would embitter their relationship, as well as his relationship with the media greatly.[3]

Losing the custody of her daughter may have influenced her in developing the current FCE technology, which she used during the invasion of Hawaii.[2] However, due to the further investigations of her life after her divorce, the development of the FCE was discovered and before long suspicions have been raised against it, especially the fact that it could mean that Olay has complete access to the private lives of Americans and of corporations.[4]

Some time in her life, she tried to influence Congress, the military and several government organizations, wanting to make the United States shape in her own ideals, and may have ambitions in becoming elected in a government office. This is until the Third World War, discovering the existence of another side of the world, the occult. She later abandoned traditional methods in taking the United States, and later somehow came into GREMLIN and Trident to prepare plans of a take over that would turn the United States of America into a theocracy as protection against the vast magic side of the world.[2][3]

During her storied career as a media mogul, it was natural for Olay to gain enemies in the business and in the government. She later went on the run, hiding in an unknown location, but with complete access to information.[5]


Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

Main article: Hawaii Invasion Arc

Still in exile, Olay sends out information and commands to Saronia A. Irivika before the invasion from an unknown location, and her influence is quite apparent as several cameras track Touma and company's actions during the entire affair.

She first appears in voice-only, contacting Roseline Krackhart during the invasion of Hawaii and the engagement of Pearl Harbor, taunting her that the United States would fall before and recreate it into a theocracy as a defense against the occult.

This was a grave error in her part, as she realizes that her daughter was in one of the islands of Hawaii, forcing her to redirect some of the forces of Trident to find her before Roseline's forces could. She also had to contend with Trident using her daughter to secure her loyalty to them as well. Although, she tried to manipulate them in order to weaken both forces. Despite the efforts of the forces she controlled, Lindy Blueshake, falls into the hands of Roberto Katze, who took her before the arrival of Roseline and of the Trident forces. Things fall apart completely for her as Saronia is defeated by Kamijou Touma, forcing the Trident commander, Cinesic Evers, to the terms Roberto Katze offered him.

However, her final downfall occurs at the end of the invasion, as she realizes that her inability to perform her duties as the owner of the Blueshake media networks due to her being on the lam, allowed Roberto to transfer her power and assets to Lindy Blueshake, and her guardian Harzak Lolas, rendering her completely powerless and peniless. With Trident surrendering, and GREMLIN severing all connections to her, as well as her power stripped from her, she comes to the realization that she is defenseless against the people who are after her, if she wants to stops hiding and take back her media empire. Her aide later suggest she shows herself and be imprisoned for her own safety. Her current whereabouts are still unknown.


  • (To Roseline Krackhart in NT volume 3)"I will remake this country into a theocracy."
  • (To Roseline Krackhart in NT volume 3)"I have already decided that you will die. Feel free to take that as an admission to a criminal threat."


  • Olay's goal is an actual ideology in real life, called Dominionism, or Dominion theology: the belief, especially popular in the United States, that secular governments should be replaced by Christian theocracies. It is unknown if Kamachi was aware of this and if Olay Blueshake is a reference to it.


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