Olive Holiday (オリーブ=ホリデイ Orību Horidei?) is a minor antagonist in the Toaru Majutsu no Index side story Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS: Liberal Arts City.


She is described to be somewhere in her mid-twenties, she is usually wearing an orange life jacket over a sporty racing swimsuit.[1] She is shown to have dark skin and long dark hair puled back into a braided ponytail.


She has a dark mind set of her view on America's place as "the world police" and is willing to kill whom ever in it's name to help keep their place as "the world police". Seeing it as a necessary action and taking no joy in it despite her demeanor.


She mentioned that a previous mission she was on was a ‘drawing the lines’ operation in Antarctica to create a new map, due to the melting caused by global warming. There were foreign researchers who had been displaced walking through Antarctica, surrendering in the hopes of being rescued after having lost their stations. Olive and her team shot them one by one from the distance believing, if others had given them shelter they could take American technology back to their own countries.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS: Liberal Arts CityEdit

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She is first introduced after Misaka Mikoto and Saten found the secret hanger containing the captured Mixcoatl's and was ready to kill them for spying. Though was forced to let them go when she got orders that the higher up's did not want to incur the wrath of Academy City by a Level 5 going missing much to her annoyance but, warned them not investigate any further before showing them out of the facility.[1]

RAILGUN SS1 05 017

Saten about to be silenced by Olive.

Later she appears again after Saten makes her way into the facility through a different entrance and shows no hesitation on fulfill her earlier promise especially sense she was not with Misaka to which her superiors approved because she was only a Level 0. She took Saten to a remote area that accidental drowning's are common and was designed as such to disposal of foreign corpses. Saten is saved when Xochitl arrived in a Mixcoatl firing at Holiday and rendering her unconscious.[3]

RAILGUN SS1 06 021

Mikoto debates espers with Olive.

After Liberal Arts City discovered that Uiharu was in looking through their computer systems she and team were sent to raid the room, though due to Misaka and Kuroko quick actions the team was subdued. Olive then appeared for the shadows now wearing multiple bandages from Xochitl's earlier attack and justified the city's secret action into what they believed to be esper development research as preparing for the possible future of espers spreading throughout the world's general population. She and Misaka then get into an argument about the need to clandestinely conduct the research, killing those who have discovered this fact and about the danger of espers. Olive then leaves after receiving word that the city under attack from Mixcoatl's again and left.[4]

During the evacuation of Liberal Arts City she finds and warns Mikoto and Kuroko about a secondary wave of Mixcoatl's and the Xiuhcoatl were heading to a section of the city that held several of Salmon Reds lifeboats.[5]


She has extensive military training, which includes firearms and explosives by her account,[2] and was more than confident in facing two Espers using only her hand to hand combat skills.[1] It is also implied that she flew one of the Laveze Squadron fighters,[5] meaning she was trained aerial combat.


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