OllaPodrida outer

The outside of the restaurant during the rain.

Olla Podrida (オジャ・ポドリーダ?) is a restaurant serving Spanish cuisine located on 39 Konoha Avenue (三カ号線の木の葉通り?) in School District 7.[1] It is where Kamijou Touma and Last Order confront both Hound Dog and Vento of the Front.[2]

The restaurant seems to be a wide building and uses an electronic lock in the back door that leads to an alleyway. It also has a television where can people view the news, which is why the purveyors of the restaurant were struck by Divine Punishment after seeing coverage of Vento's invasion.[2]


Academy City Invasion ArcEdit

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OllaPodrida inner

The restaurant interior.

Trying to find a way to escape Hound Dog, Kamijou Touma and Last Order break into the restaurant in the belief that they will not be attacked if there are several witnesses. However, they discover that everyone inside has been stricken unconscious for reasons unknown and they are later attacked again by Hound Dog, forcing Touma to hide.

Before being discovered, Touma finds that the operatives have also fallen unconscious due to the arrival of Vento of the Front. He is forced to battle to protect the unconscious people in the restaurant and allow Last Order to escape. The restaurant is severely damaged by Touma's confrontation with Vento.

Accelerator later visits the avenue after getting a call from Touma regarding Last Order's the latest whereabouts before telling her to escape. Here he discovers a piece of cloth left by Kihara Amata to deliberately anger him and later tries to attack the Windowless Building after figuring out that the Board of Directors, in particular Aleister Crowley, is behind Last Order's kidnapping.


  • Olla podrida is a Spanish stew made from pork and beans and an inconsistent, wide variety of other meats and vegetables, often including chickpeas, depending on the recipe used.


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