Ollerus (オッレルス Orrerusu?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is an enigmatic fellow that once had the chance to become a Magic God, but has failed to do so. Still, despite being an incomplete Magic God, he is one of the strongest characters in the series, and was once pursued by various magical organizations seeking his power and knowledge, but he has managed to elude all of them with ease.[1]

A powerful side character in the original Toaru Majutsu no Index series, his involvement in the story comes to the forefront in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index as someone who oppose Magic God Othinus and her GREMLIN. He would later lose all of his powers after his confrontation with Othinus and becomes even weaker than a normal magician.


Ollerus is the romanized name of a legendary Norse God named Ullr. Kanzaki Kaori explicitly refers to Ollerus' namesake in the Norse Mythology SS, confirming the author's intentions.[2]


Ollerus is a slim, short-haired blond man with green eyes, who wears a modest aquamarine thin shirt accompanied by a camel-colored lambskin vest.


Ollerus is kind-hearted and sentimental person, to the point where he squandered the once in about 10,000 year chance to become a Magic God in order to save a cat. He also destroyed a human trafficking organization and saved one-hundred children, when he did not need to, and did it knowing full well he would have to face Silvia's wrath over his overtly casual attitude. When one of the children he saved says she wants to repay him, Ollerus dismissed it by saying he didn't expect anything in return—a similar ideal Kamijou Touma holds. He also says that chaining up the human traffickers is meaningless because it was no different than what they did.[3]

Thor points out a negative aspect of his methods, saying that Ollerus loses sight of his surroundings when he starts fighting, and does this without concern for everything other then what he is trying to protect.[4] This is later proven false when Ollerus save Othinus, someone who has been his enemy, from Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel because he can tell that she has been already stopped by Kamijou Touma.

However, when the need arises, he shows a very serious attitude.[5][1]


Not much is known about Ollerus' backstory. He has a history with the Saint Silvia,[6] who was travelling the world to hone her Bonne Damme skills; how they met and the circumstances behind it are unclear, but it appears they've known each other for a while. She's quite cruel to him on the surface and scolds him for being an "idiot to the core", but still cares for him deep down and feels an urge to protect him[3], and it is heavily implied she is in love with him.[6] Silvia says Ollerus is a "damn dust-covered ruined noble", who keeps getting wrapped up into all sorts of troubles ever since he failed to become a Magic God, and that he sometimes cries late into the night when remembering the missed chance.[3] There seems to be great antagonism between Ollerus and One-Eyed Othinus, the one who stole the title of Magic God from him.[7]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2Edit

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The Second Friday of MayEdit

After Ollerus destroys a human trafficking organization, he returns to Silvia in Milan bringing with him almost 100 children that he rescued. Silvia asks why exactly he has brought the children with him, to which Ollerus says that he was intending to destroy the human trafficking headquarters and the leave it as that, but the children kept coming out. He says that if he just left them he says that it was possible that they would get captured by someone else and as such he had no choice but to take them. Silvia compares the situation with the Pied Piper of Hamelin, though Ollerus could not respond and remained silent.[3]

With a sigh, Silvia tries to close the door but Ollerus pleads to her, saying that the children will only stay in their apartment until they can find foster parents. Silvia tells Ollerus to throw them out, much to his dismay. Ollerus tells Silvia that there is no way he could do that, and tells her that she is a heartless woman. Angered, she swings the door on Ollerus, hitting him the face and throwing him to ground, telling him that if that is really how the world works then things wouldn't be so hard. With her hands on her hips she tells Silvia that regardless of all of his self-important words it will not help them feed the children, saying that he is making promises he can't keep. She then threatens to tie him up and make him straddle the dog house in order to put it in his head what it means to anger her—Bonn Dame Silvia. And she does do so, much to Ollerus' chagrin as the children watch, who was invited by Silvia as she was unable to leave the children outside. One small girl however approaches Ollerus as he is being punished on the "dog house". The girl tells Ollerus that she wants to repay him for what she did for her, to which, with a laugh, Ollerus says he didn't save all of them because he wanted something in return. After staring for a while at him, the girl asks if everything is fine now, to which Ollerus says that it isn't as what he did was all meaningless. He says that he didn't really do anything as him chaining the human traffickers and making them do manual labor is no different than what they did and that is not what he wants. The girl however insists that she wants to repay him, to which Ollerus says if she truly thinks that then he tells him that he wants her to bring herself happiness with her own power. Ollerus says that he saved her even though it would mean facing Silvia's wrath, and says that he of course wants the girl to be happy, and that it doesn't make much sense for him to wish for anything else.[3]

Later, after managing to acquire blankets for all the people in the apartment and after the children has fallen asleep, Silvia rests on a table after an exhausting day. She threatens Ollerus that she will give him a taste of the horror of lacquer after what has happened, much to Ollerus' displeasure, complaining about his recent punishment. Silvia says that he will have to bear with it until the children can be passed on to a local church. Changing the subject, Silvia asks if the children were marked, to which Ollerus confirms, saying that the children matched the list, though only a few of them are Gemstones. Ollerus says that the human trafficking organization may have dealt with people that had certain idiosyncrasies. Silvia asks if it has been verified, to which Ollerus confirms, saying that he is going to be busy again. He later leaves the same day.[3]

The Second Friday of OctoberEdit

At the height of the simultaneous rescue mission of the 50 Gemstone children conducted by the Sisters around the world, Ollerus intrudes into Academy City and faces off against Misaka 10032 and the other Sisters that have come to contend against him, easily beating them. Sogiita Gunha sees this, unconcerned that the girls are clones, and remarks on how Ollerus has no guts after beating up the girls. With a slight smile Ollerus says that he has his reasons, and turns toward Gunha. He says that he has no problem if Academy City were to gather the Gemstones in the world, but he is concerned that they will be used for some kind of research. Ollerus clarifies that using a show of force by defeating Gunha, he can convince a certain person not to do anything to the Gemstones they invited lest they face his wrath.[1]

Hearing this, Gunha notes that Ollerus' words have guts to it, praising him for his actions and his spirit with quite a bit of guts. Gunha, however, tells him that though he doesn't who the girls Ollerus' just beaten are, they still put up a fight full of guts. He says that though that they may have even been fighting to protect him, someone they had never even spoken to. Gunha concludes that he has no reason to risk his life here, but he will show him some guts, and that he will crush him.[1]

Index SSv02 213

Gunha engages the failed majin Ollerus in combat.

There, Gunha charges toward the nonchalant Ollerus. He grabs his face and threw his body against the nearby wall of containers at twice the speed of sound. After his body crashes on the containers, Gunha notes that his guts may be rotten, but he is show some warp guts. There, Ollerus shows that he is still alive and says to Gunha that he has no guts. Walking slowly toward Gunha without even a scratch, he then says that he has his reasons and that unlike Gunha he has a reason to fight. Gunha does not respond and tries to approach Ollerus to attack once more. But Ollerus strikes back and Gunha is hurt by it, with his body receiving damage equally. So strong was the attack that Gunha falls to the ground.[1]

Ollerus explains that the most fearsome attack in the world is an unexplainable power, as no matter what kind of mysterious power Gunha uses it is swung down the same as a sword then it can be stopped the same as a sword. Any kind of unknown attack that can be understood. Gunha tries to stand up, though Ollerus just watches him and he uses another inexplicable attack, blowing Gunha away. Here, Olleru states that a truly unexplainable power cannot be dealt with the same way, saying that the most fearsome thing in the world is to be beaten by an unexplainable power that coming from an incomprehensible place, where one cannot create a counter measure. it is Ollerus' magic, the Hliðskjálf.[1]

Ollerus tells Gunha that they are different, as he is aware that the wields an unexplainable power while Gunha doesn't. He refers to Gunha as a delicate yet complex esper that not even Academy City could do anything about. He tells him that he is such a special esper that the researchers aren't even sure to rank him as a Level 5. Here, he concludes that if Gunha only understood himself then he may be able to defeat him.[1]

With that believing he has accomplished his goal in warning Academy City, Ollerus tries to leave. He tells him that he did have a reason that he couldn't let himself lose, and tells Gunha to accept his defeat as it isn't a problem that can be dealt with using guts. Hearing, this Gunha says that his comment isn't something he will let go. Now Ollerus turns to face Gunha again as he stands with his body covered in wounds. This surprises Ollerus as Gunha should've fallen unconscious after taking two hits from the Hliðskjálf.[1]

Here, Gunha tells Ollerus that he shouldn't treat people like they have no guts before they've give up. He boasts that he won't be beaten easily, telling Ollerus that guts aren't something one loses just because one is at a disadvantage.[1]

Suddenly, an unknown power wraps around Gunha as he shouts that he will show him his true guts, someone who isn't twisted and rotted, regardless of being a stranger or not, that can stand up for some injured girls. With that, Gunha charges toward Ollerus again. Seeing this, Ollerus smiles and once again the Hliðskjálf clashes against Gunha. Ollerus later defeats Gunha, allowing him to make a show of force against Academy City.[1]

Ollerus later returns and Silvia later welcomes "the dumb bastard" back into their home.[6]

World War III ArcEdit

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Toaru Majutsu no Index III E26 22m 47s

Ollerus and Silvia saving Fiamma of the Right.

Ollerus, having observed the Third World War from the sidelines, appeared at the end of Volume 22 with Silvia to rescue a dying Fiamma of the Right from the snow after his defeat at the hands of Aleister Crowley. Ollerus shows interest in Aleister's Age of Horus and says he can hide Fiamma if he tells him what he knows. Fiamma, asking who they are, is answered by Ollerus who introduces himself as the pathetic magician who had the position of Magic God stolen from him by One-Eyed Othinus.[7]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Baggage City ArcEdit

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Ollerus makes an appearance by confronting his nemesis, One-Eyed Othinus. The Magic God and leader of GREMLIN, having just severed Kamijou Touma's right hand and crushed the Invisible Thing that came out as a result, only sneers at the sight of "The Failure". Ollerus declares he's not here to fight her, and suggests Othinus leaves with the unconscious Marian Slingeneyer as he has business with the Imagine Breaker. Both of them spar and discuss the principles of purity of Magic Gods amid sneers, until Ollerus reveals that he is not alone and has Fiamma of the Right on his side — his Holy Right empowered by the fact Touma's arm had been severed by her, enabling his world-saving powers to activate. Othinus seemingly agrees with Ollerus' previous suggestion, but on a whim decides to kill them. The battle ends in a draw. With Othinus gone, He and Fiamma assist Touma and watch as his crushed arm is restored. The three, under Touma's insistance, begin to use their talents to analyse Marian Slingeneyer's methods so they can restore her victims to normal, including Cendrillon.[5]

Ollerus later changes Cendrillon back to normal, somehow giving her the ability to reconstruct her body.[8]

Ichihanaran Festival ArcEdit

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Eve of the FestivalEdit

It is unknown how, but it can be presumed that Ollerus was the one who sent Touma back to Academy City, while he was unconscious.[9] He, Fiamma of the Right, Silvia, Brunhild Eiktobel, and Leivinia Birdway, gather in Academy City to oppose Othinus and GREMLIN, who plans to capture Fräulein Kreutune, despite the fact that they could've intercepted them outside of Academy City, though chose to have the battlefield in Academy City in order to interfere with GREMLIN's teamwork, as Thor noted.[4]

However, it was actually deliberate attempt by Ollerus to cover Fiamma of the Right's actions in a collection of very powerful people concentrated in a single city, as well as to infiltrate GREMLIN. Some time in Academy City, Ollerus meets up with Thor and convinces him to be part of his plan, probably knowing that Thor has grown weary of GREMLIN's methods as of late. The specifics of the plan is unknown, though only Silvia may have known for sure, referring to Ollerus' actions as "preparing," when later questioned by Leivinia Birdway.[10] Moreover, he might've charged Thor with the plan to liberate Fräulein Kreutune and to make her unusable for Othinus' use. He later used the oppurtunity to steal the real organs of Kakine Teitoku as an incentive for Othinus.[11]

NT Index v05 035

Ollerus ignored by Touma.

Ollerus appears before Kamijou Touma after he was tasked by Fukiyose Seiri to buy some food for them. He notes on how it took so long for Touma to sense him, noting that he lost a bet with Fiamma of the Right, and says that he wants to talk about the Imagine Breaker to him, but Touma ignores him much to his surprise.[12] Ollerus later gets the opportunity to talk to Touma after he ran his errands. Here, Ollerus tells Touma of what a Magic God is, GREMLIN and Othinus' goals, his and his Imagine Breaker's role in it,[13] as well as his opinion regarding the nature of the Imagine Breaker.[14]

It can be assumed that Ollerus later receives a report from Leivinia after her confrontation with Touma, detailing him on how GREMLIN has won him over.[15]

During the FestivalEdit

After all battles have concluded, Ollerus successfully disguises himself as Thor, steals Kakine Teitoku's organs, and infiltrates GREMLIN. Ollerus disguised as Thor first appears in Tokyo Bay alongside Marian Slingeneyer and Mjölnir. Marian comments on what they will do now with the goals, seeing as Fräulein is beyond them now. Ollerus skillfully relates to her their plan of capturing Fräulein, and references on how there were unforeseen elements that he couldn't overcome, and surely something Marian and Mjölnir would not likely overcome. Marian comments on how he should have since he has "Almighty" in his title as Thor, but Ollerus states that it only defined by humans and that he is not a magic god. Ollerus then shows a cooler, making Marian question it, to which Ollerus responds that it is an item that will better Othinus' mood after their failure.

NT Index v06 431

Othinus cometh.

Afterwards, when Othinus comes and asks where Fräulein is, Ollerus tells her that they have failed. Othinus reiterates that she told them to get her, but Ollerus just tosses the cooler he had. He tells her that it is the original organs of Kakine Teitoku, a suitable substitute to the Fräulein, who is now useless to them. While Othinus remains silent, Marian asks if it would work, since they needed something that was not dyed in magic or science, to which Thor says that Kakine is a symbol of creation and could create a doll for Othinus to use. Othinus reiterates her point, but Ollerus just tells her that if she wants to get Fräulein, she can do it herself, but adds that she is useless to them now. Othinus calls out to Marian before cutting Ollerus' arm out as punishment, telling her to reconnect it afterwards. However, Marian notices that Othinus' own arm is falling off after picking up the cooler, a side effect as a magic god. Having the final piece, Othinus tells Marian that they should begin making Gungnir. After Othinus leaves, Marian tries to approach Ollerus, but is shooed away by him, saying that he can do it himself, and that he doesn't want anyone to look at him in his state. He complains about Othinus' policies, but Marian says that he did well. Ollerus says that he didn't grant her wish, but then says that maybe he wants to cry not because of the pain or in a pathetic situation, but it's because Othinus spared his life. Marian says that he shouldn't worry as she too would have been scared if she was in the same position. With that, Marian snaps her fingers and Mjölnir follows her towards the rental ship.[11]

Ollerus later simply reattaches his arm after being severed, and notes on how everything is going to plan, with Fiamma of the Right undetected, and him infiltrating GREMLIN. He later plans to find Othinus' base, where she will complete Gungnir, and begin his counterattack against her incognito.[11]

Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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GREMLIN invasion of TokyoEdit
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Othinus and the other core members of GREMLIN were in their base at Sargasso making the preparations to forge Gungnir. She then asks each of the members regarding the status of their assigned tasks and assigns Thor (Ollerus in disguise) to intercept the attackers once the lance enters production stage. He then asked if he could use Mjölnir to which Othinus replies that Mjölnir will assist Marian in the production of the lance and he should head out as Almighty Thor. He then thought on how he could obtain their location and inform the others about it while GREMLIN is busy with the lance[16].

Thor (Ollerus in disguise) called out to Marian and told her that since he can't use Mjölnir because she was assigned to support Marian, he'll head off as Almighty Thor. Thor (Ollerus in disguise) then explained that by heading off as Almighty Thor, he might hinder the production of the lance and asked the direction where they are going to draw power in to put together their temple so as not to overlap with their magical symbols, to which Marian handed her memo pad for him to check out. He then told Marian to keep Mokkerkalfe in mind since it may affect the ley lines to which Marian responded that she already knows that and she is more interested in its beating heart on the plate. He then parted with Marian and continued down the corridor where he spotted Bersi while thinking on how he will get the data out. He then decided to use the "heart on the plate" to control Mokkerkalfe remotely and borrow the line to send information to the Anglican Church[17].

He stood directly on the ocean via goat fur he had scattered across the ocean surface (it is a spell he constructed using the symbols of the goats that pulled Thor’s chariot) while listening to the rumbling caused by the battles happening around. He then considered if he would leave right away since everyone already knows where Sargasso is but then he heard a great roar from Mokkerkalfe and the approaching Academy City bombers. He then thought for a bit whether he would leave this to them but then he thought that there is no guarantee that they can do real damage to Othinus and that it would only cause them destruction so he decided to continue his recklessness a bit longer. He then commanded Mokkerkalfe to attack the bombers[18].

As Touma and the others approached GREMLIN's base, they were suddenly attacked by Mokkerkalfe, but Thor (Ollerus in disguise) killed Mokkerkalfe. Othinus suddenly appeared behind Thor (Ollerus in disguise) after he killed Mökkurkalfe and asked what is he doing. Thor (Ollerus in disguise) then said that it is about time and threatened Othinus regarding Marian. Othinus then threatened him to show his true self and he transformed back to his true self. She then questioned Ollerus motives of being there and someone's life or death won't stop her from carrying out her plan. Ollerus then remarked that he is glad that she didn't see through his plan and her infinite possibilities send her power to the negative direction. Othinus then responded in disappointment that there is no way she would add him to her ranks of Einherjar and she would totally obliterate him and Ollerus responded to her mockingly to which Othinus responded by creating tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of strange explosions in the slight space between them. The battle between Ollerus and Othinus goes on then immediately, Ollerus rushed up to Othinus while disregarding the damage he is taking. He then jabbed his glowing palm at the center of Othinus chest to turn her into a fairy based on the idea that fairies were former pagan gods that were shrank down by Christianity without being aware of it. In that way, the magic god will be returned/dragged down to the territory of a human. But despite that, Othinus just laughed and told him that she deceived his senses and thanked him for giving her a means to finally defeat him. She then used the same move against Ollerus to turn him into a fairy. Ollerus then staggered and said that his second hope is still on track. Othinus was confused then suddenly she was stabbed by the same spell again, this time by Fiamma of the Right who seems to appear out of nowhere. Ollerus then told her that he no longer have an interest in becoming the magic god but he won't allow someone to misuse it. At that moment, it seems that it is all over for Othinus but she just laughed. She then told them that she doesn't care whether she loses, what's important to her is unifying her infinite possibilities. She only needed it to lean in one direction or the other. It did not matter whether she completed the lance and have 100% success or become a fairy and have 100% failure. Whether she wins or loses, she will be a complete magic god. While saying all these things to Ollerus and Fiamma, Kamijou and the others approached GREMLIN's base. As they approached the end of Sargasso, Kamijou doubted if it is still part of the real world. He then sees Ollerus' body fall from the deck of a passenger ship[19].

VS the WorldEdit

NT Index v10 303

Ollerus appears to save his old enemy.

Ollerus is with Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel Odense at the height of the manhunt for Othinus and Kamijou Touma. According to Silvia, Ollerus cannot show himself as he is not in the shape to do so, describing what had happened to him after being hit by a Turn into a fairy spell as a horrible scene.[20]

Regardless, Ollerus is apparently unable to prevent Silvia from seeking vengeance on his behalf as well as stop Brunhild from attacking. Ollerus is only able to watch a while before he is apparently able to make his move. He watches the beat down that ensues as Touma is mercilessly beaten by Silvia, while Brunhild readies to kill Othinus. Ollerus then appears to stop both Saints. Despite now having the power of less than that of an average magician he is able to overcome this through sheer force of will, making both Saints collide with one another and knocking them unconscious at the cost of his arms. Othinus then asks him if he is there to kill her as well, to which he denies and comments he merely wishes to prevent the monster that either she or Touma would become after the others' death. He then parts to take both Saints so he could try and persuade them when they awake. As he departs he asks Othinus if she found what she was looking for to which she only says that Ollerus is not the one to understand her and Touma is stronger than him.[21]


Prior to becoming depowered into being weaker than a normal magician on late November during the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo, Ollerus was one of the most powerful characters in the series.

Ollerus had a chance of becoming a Magic God, one who's magical powers has reached the level of divinity, and so can bend all natural laws, but was unable to become one. It has been stated that he has used the knowledge from a lot of grimoires, though any possible ill effects he suffered is not mentioned. It was said by Silvia that he uses the theory of Hliðskjálf to purify his own life force so that it transforms into a special magical power. This just barely allows him to survive the process of taking in a grimoire's knowledge within him.[3]

Ollerus has described himself as an impure example of a Magic God, yet he can still wield that power. Unlike Othinus, who is a perfect and pure Magic God, Ollerus stopped his growth at the point where he should have become a Magic God. Because of that, his overall powers are weaker, but he doesn't have the 50/50 dilemma Othinus has to operate under.[5] After being hit with the Fairy spell, he lost the ability to use these special powers.[21]

Also, he can apparently reconnect his own body parts with ease, as demonstrated with his arm. He does not need to recite any spell nor to use any talisman or wonder drug. By an unknown method, he just presses his severed arm to his shoulder and it reconnects with a pale light.[11] He, as well as Othinus, is also able to create hundreds of millions of strange explosions. When Ollerus and Othinus fought the explosions were not strong for their own but in such a great number they seemed like twisting the space and time.[19] Both of them have not used a special move, a form of preparation or a magical tool before they started this attack. A version of a instant attack spell, it have similarities with the Telesma Summoned Explosion from Leivinia.

Even after the Fairy spell took away his powers, he was capable of stepping between Touma and a Saint’s supersonic speed attack and redirect it. While both his arms were completely destroyed in the process, he did not express any pain or exhaustion afterwards. This implies that he is either immune to both or suffered the same numbing effects as Othinus due to the Fairy spell.

Some of his abilities shown so far:

  • Hliðskjálf (北欧王座 (フリズスキャルヴ) Hokuō Ōza (Furizusukyaruvu)?, lit. "Nordic Throne"): Hliðskjálf means Odin's Throne (as based by the author from the Gesta Danorum). It is Ollerus' power to change life energy and normal magical power into an unexplainable type of power. The power by its nature cannot be described, can't be explained, and can't be comprehended. Since the power cannot be comprehended, there is no possible defense to stop it according to Ollerus. The Hliðskjálf doesn't have any offensive function, but by forcefully using Hliðskjálf as an offensive power makes it even more unexplainable. He uses Hliðskjálf due to the fact that his own mana is too special and can't be used with normal magical powers, even if he applied knowledge of various grimoires. In other words, he needs the unexplainable energy to be used up by Hliðskjálf to prevent a build-up of mana inside him and self-destructs.[1]
    • Ollerus possession of this power despite Othinus also existing in the series, and very antagonistic with Ollerus, is a likely parallel by the author with the dynamic between Ullr (Ollerus) and Odin, where Ullr takes Odin's place as a ruler after the latter was exiled.
  • Shapeshifting: Ollerus disguised himself as Thor and it is effective to the point that no member of GREMLIN, nor even the magic god Othinus caught him in his disguise. Along with the disguise, apparently he can also use the magic of the real Thor (former member of GREMLIN) which includes the Lightning God Thor (connected to Mjölnir), the Almighty Thor[16] and Tanngrisnir's and Tanngnjóstr's fur spell.[22]
  • Turn into a fairy (妖精化 Yōsei-ka?): The spell is specifically created to counter Othinus the Magic God and bring her down into a field where she can be defeated.[19]

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design EvolutionEdit

Ollerus' design remains static throughout the series. Haimura designed him as an opposite to Sogiita Gunha's intensity. He was given the same color as Index, due to her connection of being near a Magic God, and had the print on his pants similar to the Jeans Slasher, as she is also related to Norse mythology, somewhat.



  • (Ollerus reacting to Silvia's cold indifference to the children): "That’s too cruel!! There’s no way I can do that, you heartless woman!! Are you someone’s animal-hating mother!? Reaching out a hand when someone is in need is the basic law of the world!!"
  • (To a child he saved in SS2): "I am glad you adore me, but I didn’t really do anything. Chaining those human traffickers up and making them do manual labor is no different than what they did. That isn’t what I want."
  • (To Sogiita Gunha in SS2): "No, I really have no guts. But I have my reasons. Unlike you, I have a reason to fight."
  • (To Sogiita Gunha in SS2):"The most fearsome thing in this world is to be defeated by an attack using an unexplainable power coming from an incomprehensible place while you have no way of thinking up a counter measure. The attack is vague and you cannot assign conditions to it and you don’t even know if there is a direction you can go to avoid it or if you could even avoid it after getting tens of thousands of kilometers away. You now know how horrible that is firsthand."
  • (To Fiamma in Volume 22): "I am a pathetic magician who once should have become a Magic God, but had that position stolen by One-Eyed Othinus."
  • (To Othinus from NT volume 4): "No, I don’t think I can win. If I could, I would have killed you long ago. I will abstain from killing you as long as I have no means of doing so. That’s all there is to it."
  • (Regarding his power compared to Othinus from NT volume 4): "I am an impure example that stopped at the point where I ‘should have’ become a Magic God. In other words, I lose to you in overall power, but I am freed from that 50/50 dilemma. After all, I am imperfect. Unlike your perfect balance, my odds of victory have a deviation."
  • (To Othinus from NT volume 8): “So instead of trying to bring mankind higher, I will drag you down. I will tear off your wings, strike you from the air, and throw you to the throngs of people who can only crawl along the ground. …This is the end. Even if humans cannot kill a god, we can manage against a fairy.”
  • (To Othinus from NT volume 8): “I no longer have any interest in being a magic god. But I could not allow someone to misuse that which I had hoped to be. To stop you and take away your status as a magic god, I do not regret giving up that which makes me special. …You misread that about me, didn’t you? That’s why you thought you had won from the moment you turned me into a fairy.”


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