Ono Raizen (大野雷禅 Ono Raizen?) is a character that appears in Toaru Majutsu no Index during the events of Angel Fall Arc, appearing as a 3rd grader.[1]


His real form is unknown, as due to the effects of Angel Fall, he appears in the form of an elementary school child, wearing Western clothes. It can be presumed that the man is at least an adult due to being a professor.


He is a professor of Criminology Department at Miwa University (三輪大学?).[1]


Angel Fall ArcEdit

Main article: Angel Fall Arc

He is introduced by Komori, who is in the form of Tsukuyomi Komoe, and where the narrations make it seem that they are like in a children's educational show. Here, he was invited in order to give light to the escaped serial killer Hino Jinsaku. Despite his appearance, he shows his knowledge regarding Jinsaku, most importantly, the fact that he has multiple personality disorder. His interview is interrupted after breaking news on how Jinsaku has taken over the Kamijou Family Residence.[1]


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