Ookawachi Megumi (大河内巡観 Ōkawachi Megumi?) is a character introduced in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga series. An elementary pupil of an unknown school, she is involved in an incident predicted by Miyama Shaei.


Megumi is a young girl with black hair which she pulls back using a headband with a star-shaped accessory, fully exposing her forehead. She is usually seen wearing her school uniform consisting of a dark-colored coat and a light-colored skirt.[1]


A girl with enough personality to gather a small circle of friends, Megumi imposes her opinions of people with strong prejudice.[1] However, when given enough time to clear her personal opinions on people, she willingly accepts her mistakes and will ask for forgiveness.[2]


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Dream Ranker ArcEdit

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Megumi is introduced in a flashback while Miyama Shaei is thinking of his failure to save others. Here, she is depicted as one of the people in his previous school that bears a negative outlook on his ability, calling him as a "bearer of misfortune" and "creepy". A few days later, an image of Megumi was found in one of Shaei's predictions. After learning of her imminent fate, Megumi asks Shaei for his forgiveness and a way to prevent the accident from happening. Despite Shaei's efforts to overturn his prediction, Megumi is caught in an accident where several steel beams fell over her, causing severe injuries. While hospitalized, Megumi bears a grudge against Shaei, suspecting him for deliberately causing the accident as an act of revenge, and tries to cut all ties from him.[1][3]

After making a recovery from the accident, Megumi learns about the truth behind Shaei's efforts and writes a letter asking for his forgiveness. She also accepts Shaei's request to keep Pero as a pet.[2][3]


  • Megumi lives in a dormitory where its tenants are allowed to take in animals as pets. She also has a background with taking care of a dog when she was still living with her parents.[2]


  • (To Shaei, from Railgun Chapter 75) "You're just creepy."
  • (To Shaei, from Railgun Chapter 77) "I know an apology isn't enough to earn your forgiveness, but I'm sorry. I knew you had worked to save me, but I still said awful things to you."


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