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Operation Handcuffs (オペレーション=ハンドカフス Operēshon Handokafusu?), also referred to as Operation Name Handcuffs (オペレーションネーム・手錠ハンドカフス Operēshonnēmu Handokafusu?) or just Handcuffs (手錠ハンドカフス Tejō (Handokafusu)?), is a plan, devised by Accelerator after becoming Board Chairman of Academy City, to eliminate the Dark Side of Academy City.[1][2]


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GT1 - Plan, Accelerator's own actions, Resistance
GT3,[3] Table of individuals whose movements known

A crucial part of Operation Handcuffs is a large database combining the information Accelerator released with the information which Anti-Skill already had, known as Outrank (壊滅手配アウトランク Kaimetsu Tehai (Autoranku)?, lit. "Annihilation Preparations").[3]

During the operation, members of the dark side were categorized into Beneficial (好普性こうふせい Kouhusei?) and Harmful (嫌普性けんふせい Kenhusei?).[3]


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GT1 - Resistance/Battle

Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Christmas Eve Arc[]

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Operation Handcuffs Arc[]

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