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The logo of the company on the side of the Spaceplane Orion.

Orbit Portal Company (オービット・ポータル社 Ōbitto Pōtaru-sha?) is a company that focuses on space travel found in Academy City. Originally focusing in aeronautics and spaceflight, the company then moved their efforts into building the Endymion after the events of the Miracle of 88. Ladylee Tangleroad was it's president during the course of the Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion.[1]


Miracle of 88

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With all their efforts, the company came to manufacture the Spaceplane Orion using the advanced technology, a spaceplane that does not require launching sites and can escape the earth's atmosphere on its own and re-enter it again. And there they called it the realization of the space trip ever dreamed of.[2]

But the company did not know of Ladylee's plans, for she, in her desire to end her life, believed a death in space will finally kill her. As such, she sabotaged the Orion in a way that guaranteed that none should survive.[1] And thus the Orion incident began, and the left engine of the spaceplane began to burn while in outer space. But a miracle happened and everybody survived, save one, but early reports claimed that all 88 persons survived.

The incident forced the company to leave the spaceflight industry, and as they have bet everything on Orion, nearly went bankrupt, but the Miracle of 88 stayed them if only a little, but Ladylee Tangleroad bought the company and ensured that it will not fall. From there, the company under the will of Ladylee began making several activities surrounding the event. They built up a commemorative stone for the Miracle of 88 and hid the truth behind the 89th passenger of the Orion.[2] They also built their business up around the slogan of "miracles", and began planning for Endymion, winning the Academy City Next-Generation Space Travel Competition, to continue the dream of space travel.[1]

After the events of the movie, the disappearance of Endymion, and Ladylee's capture by Academy City forces,[1] it is not known what happened to the company.



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