Orlentz Trice (オーレンツ=トライス Ōrentsu Toraisu?) is an antagonist in Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Norse Mythology. He is a magician who has built a base for his research and is being pursued by Necessarius.



Orlentz is a capricious magician. His reasons are not a desire for eternal life or to bring a loved one back from the dead. He simply enjoys using his own power to toy with others. Stretching someone’s lifespan as if it were a rubber band is nothing more than one of his hobbies.[1]


Orlentz was performing research in the field of immortality, but an investigation by a separate unit made it clear that his theory has already failed. Even so, Orlentz is showing no sign of ending his research. It seems he has put just as much effort into researching how to shorten people’s lives as he has how to lengthen them, thus attempting to find method on killing people but failed since the results he got were much too small compared to the costs. Because of this other researchers disliked him. It turns out that there is no real reason for constructing that base that is apparently in violation of Academy City and science side's rules. He simply lost his place and was driven out there.[1]

His theory focuses on whether the defensive functions of an Original Grimoire could be applied to the human body, but his theory failed and is considered of no use.[2]


Toaru Majutsu No Index SS: Norse MythologyEdit

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Kanzaki Kaori was tasked by Necessarius to deal with Orlentz since he is performing research about immortality and failed but has no intention on stopping. It turns out that Dawn-Colored Sunlight led by Leivinia Birdway have also come to deal with Orlentz for a different reason.[3] The whole trip to Orlentz's base was spent by Kanzaki and Birdway annoying each other. The moment they reached the base, they started attacking each other, ignoring Orlentz who had prepared for his supposedly battle with the intruders.[4]


Original Grimoire - is a collection of high purity magical knowledge and each page, topic, and diagram acts like a high level magic circle. They gather up the faint power leaking from leylines, amplify it hundreds of times, and create thorough defenses and counter attacks in order to ensure that not even a tiny bit of the knowledge held within itself is destroyed.[2]

His project to split apart the pages and make armor out of it had not been completely successful. However, by putting a metal plate under the large leather book cover, he had tricked the Original’s automatic defensive functions into protecting the book with that thick book cover that could sort of be used as a breastplate.[4].


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