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The Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc is a major story arc in the Toaru Majutsu no Index storyline. It focuses on the rescue of the title character of the arc, Orsola Aquinas, a member of the Roman Catholic Church who has found a way to decipher the mysterious Book of the Law, a grimoire that is said to hold great power. The arc marks the first time Touma battles against the Roman Catholic Church, as well the first time two different Christian sects: Anglican Church (specifically Necessarius) and the Roman Catholic Church (specifically Agnese Forces) come into conflict with each other.


Political Strife in the Magic Side

One of the reasons of the weakening of the Roman Catholic Church, was the defeat of their knights at the hands of Aureolus Izzard.

After the defeat of one of the Roman Catholic Church's most powerful spells, the Gregorian Chant, during the Deep Blood Arc, the church's power has been weakened drastically, enough for them to have a power struggle within their own ranks.[2] As the Roman Catholic Church is still the largest and most powerful Christian sect in the world, and desired to maintain it's dominance; because of this, after discovering that Orsola Aquinas can decipher the Book of the Law, a powerful grimoire that is said to end the age of the religion based on the cross (Christianity),[2][3] they created an elaborate plan to capture her (and later execute her in secrecy), by fabricating the story that the Book of the Law that was being transported by Japan for exhibition and was stolen by the Amakusa Christians, and also kidnapped Orsola Aquinas.[2] Even, Stiyl Magnus thinks it is a rational decision for the Amakusa Christians to regain power using the Book of the Law after Kanzaki left them.[4] The Roman Catholics sent out one of their main fighting strengths,[5] Agnese Forces, which consists of 250 battle nuns, to execute the mission.

The Anglican Church however, was allowed to aid the Roman Catholic Church's in their effort to capture her Orsola Aquinas, at the insistence of Archbishop Laura Stuart. Kanzaki Kaori, a Saint and a member of Necessarius, has recently went missing during the incident, and is presumed that she will act on her own accord in order to aid her former comrades, the Amakusa Christians, as such problems will definitely arise if a Saint would intervene, as such the Archbishop wants to defuse the situation before Kanzaki does anything troublesome.[1] Laura Stuart sends out Stiyl Magnus to retrieve Index and her guardian, Kamijou Touma to aid with the mission of rescuing Orsola Aquinas with the Roman Catholic Forces. Laura also instructs Stiyl to give a cross to Orsola Aquinas when the opportunity arise.[2][3]

Orsola Aquinas

Main article: Orsola Aquinas

Orsola Aquinas is a Roman Catholic Church nun, who is famed for spreading the word of the gospel in three pagan countries and has a church named after her.[6] She has been reported to have found a way to decipher the Book of the Law (a book not even Index nor Sherry Cromwell could decode),[4] using incomplete copies of the book.[2] The reason being, is that she wants to find a way to destroy grimoires as she sees that nothing good can truly be gained from the power of grimoires.[7]

Because of her capability of deciphering the Book of the Law, Orsola was targeted by the Roman Catholic Church, and was forced to go to Japan, a country where the Roman Catholic Church had no power over, and seek the protection of the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church.[8]

Kanzaki Kaori

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After hearing of the reports of the Roman Catholic Church, that the Amakusa Christians have stolen the Book of the Law and kidnapped Orsola Aquinas. Kanzaki returns to Japan, to observe if the church she has left long ago, has truly wavered from the path that she guided them on when she was still their leader.[6]

Other Factions

The Knights of England arriving on Japanese soil.

Meanwhile, several members of the Knights of England swam from England all the way to Japan, in an effort to solve the situation on their own due to political turmoil between the Knights and the Church, by disobeying the orders of Laura Stuart to assist the retrieval of Orsola Aquinas and the Book of the Law and instead simply kill all the Amakusa Christians, regardless of the relationship it has with the Church or the Roman Catholics, as it does not affect Britain. However, they are later attacked by Kanzaki Kaori and were easily decimated in a matter of seconds.[9]

Tsuchimikado Motoharu, a operative and a spy for various organizations, was mobilized as well by an unknown faction to retrieve the Book of the Law when the Roman Catholic Church and the Amakusa Christians are to fight.[9]



Before the events of the arc took place, Orsola Aquinas escaped from the Amakusa Christians during a confrontation with the Roman Catholic Church (no casualties were reported in both sides), believing that they had ulterior motives (specifically to seek the power of the Book of the Law) instead of just protecting her. She later enters Eastern Tokyo, to seek refuge in Academy City, an enemy of the Magic Side.[1]

Gathering of the Factions

As ordered by Laura Stuart, Stiyl Magnus went to Academy City and 'kidnapped' Index as an excuse for her guardian, Kamijou Touma to get involved as well since he is part of the Science side, though according to Index this unneccessary as Touma would come to his aid even if he did not ask. As instructed by Stiyl, Touma leaves Academy City to rendezvous with him and Index in Hakumeiza. They later meet up with the leader of the Roman Catholic Church faction assigned for this mission, Agnese Sanctis.[1] Here, they discuss the situation regarding the Amakusa Christians, while waiting for Touma to arrive.[1]

Kamijou Touma meets Orsola Aquinas at a bus stop en route to the rendezvous point, not knowing of her significance. Here, he convinces her that she cannot go in to Academy City using buses, as well as the fact that she has no entry permit. After, Orsola tells Touma him that she is being hunted, he decides that it would be wise to bring her to Index.[1] After arriving at Hakumeiza, Touma discovers the reason for why he and Index were called upon – to help aid the Roman Catholic Church secure the Book of the Law and Orsola Aquinas. Stiyl says that Touma has fulfilled his purpose, as he has brought Orsola Aquinas to them and can now hand her over to the Roman Catholic Church, though irritates Touma a little for his careless disregard for his well-being. Orsola's reaction to this is negative, as she slightly trembles, though Touma, Stiyl and Index are unable to understand why.[1][3]

However, they are later disturbed by the arrival of the Amakusa Christians, who abduct Orsola Aquinas from beneath her feet. Touma and Stiyl try to retaliate and get her back they are too late, as they have already escaped in the sewers.[1][3]

Preparation for the battle

Roman Catholic Side

Agnese readies her forces.

After the kidnapping of Orsola Aquinas by the Amakusa Christians, Agnese gathered her forces at Hakumeiza, analyzing the current situation with the Amakusa Christians, and has set up a perimeter with a radius of 10 kilometers to detect them, thinning their forces.[4] Though such a large perimeter was later unneeded; using the vast knowledge of Index, specifically her knowledge on the Amakusa Christians, and their use of Great Japanese Coastal Map to use one of the 47 portals in Japan,[4] she was able to pin-point the most probable location where the Amakusa Christians are and when they would be able to use the portal, which is at the Parallel Sweets Park.[3] With a large gap between the current time before their mobilization against the Amakusa, the Agnese Forces prepare their weapons and themselves for the ensuing battle ahead; as such Touma and Stiyl decided to sleep, here Touma discovers that Stiyl will still fight even against Kanzaki, just to protect Index,[3] though he would have preferred not involving her in the situation at all.[4]

Around the time of their preparation (before sleeping), Kamijou Touma gets into various perverted mishaps with Agnese Sanctis due to his misfortune, such as getting to see her panties, seeing her and Index naked in the shower, and her climbing into his bed in her underwear, much to his frustration.[3]

The Agnese Forces, along with Touma, Stiyl and Index are later mobilized in the upcoming assault on the Amakusa Christians, though with still lesser forces, as Agnese have not recalled her patrolling forces as a precaution. Agnese assigns Touma, Stiyl and Index, to investigate the park and find Orsola Aquinas, the Book of the Law, and destroy the portal, while she and her forces take on the Amakusa Christians.[4] Touma later asks Stiyl to prioritize in finding Orsola, as their tight schedule will not allow them to find the Book of the Law, and destroy the portal as well; Stiyl and Index agrees on this, as the Book of the Law would be useless if to them if they didn't have Orsola to decipher its contents.[4][7]

Amakusa-Style Remix of Church Side

Meanwhile, the Amakusa Christians having seized Orsola Aquinas from Roman Catholic hands, have infiltrated Parallel Sweets Park and are preparing the ritual to use the portal. Though the Amakusa Christians prepared a spell to repel passers-by, they're are unaware of the upcoming assault by the Roman Catholics.[4]

Assault on Parallel Sweets Park

The battle began at 11:30; with the sounds of battle are heard from afar, Touma, Stiyl, and Index enter Parallel Sweets Park to find Orsola Aquinas. Immediately after entering the park, they are attacked by several members of Amakusa, which forces Stiyl to escape with Index after handing the cross – the one that Laura Stuart gave to him for Orsola Aquinas – to Touma. Severely outnumbered, Touma is forced to withdraw and hide. His cover is blown almost immediately afterwards by a poorly placed toolbox, which attracts the attention of one of the Amakusas. Thinking quickly, Touma uses a tube of grease towards his pursuer, momentarily disabling her ability to attack him, though this gives Touma enough of an opening and easily take her down using a tackle; Touma later taks her weapon (a dress sword) away from her.[4][7]

Orsola later bumps into Touma, having escaped from the Amakusa Christians during the ensuing chaos of battle. After Touma frees her from her bounds, Orsola confirms that Touma is the one who helped her at the bus stop earlier, and asks him what he's doing in a dangerous place, to which Touma responds that he is rescuing her, and has nothing to do with the Book of the Law or the Roman Catholic Church at all (since he is allied with the Anglican Church and by their request, aid the Roman Catholic Church), which somewhat relieves Orsola, though advises Touma not to get involved with the magic side. Touma later gives the cross necklace Stiyl gave to him to Orsola, who was rather enthusiastic in receiving it, and had Touma put it on her. Touma also asks why Orsola Aquinas wanted to decipher the Book of the Law in the first place, to which she replies is that she could gain power to destroy it.[4][7]

Kamijou Touma and Stiyl Magnus vs. Tatemiya Saiji

Touma, Orsola and Stiyl confront Saiji.

The calm is interrupted by an explosion, as Touma sees Stiyl fall before Tatemiya Saiji, the current proxy-leader of the Amakusa Christians holding a flamberge. Touma is forced to battle Tatemiya, as he intends to take back Orsola Aquinas from the Roman Catholics as well as from the Anglican Church, even though Touma is unsure himself that Saiji would be using magic or not, as Saiji not using magic would put him in a great disadvantage and would make his Imagine Breaker useless.[4]

Touma battles Tatemiya despite his clear advantage with a weapon in hand, though Touma manages by reading his attacks, and is able to dodge. However, he is later tricked into thinking that Saiji was actually using magic; even with Index's warnings, she was too late as Touma was already hit by one of Saiji's attacks. At the same as this, Stiyl has already recovered and prepare his fire sword to attack Saiji, though Touma was in the way, he urged Stiyl to attack Saiji regardless.[7] With this signal, Stiyl attacks Saiji and intending to pierce Touma as well, seeing this Saiji prioritize to defend himself against the explosive force of the flame sword, as such he used a spell to defend himself from the flames and underestimated Touma's strength as he already set up an anti-impact spell on himself. However, Touma uses his Imagine Breaker to cancel Stiyl's attack, surprising Saiji, and allowing Touma to punch him in the face, negating the anti-impact spell, and defeating Saiji.[4]

In the anime version, Stiyl and Touma had to tackle Saiji after Touma punched him in the face.[7]

Deception of the Roman Catholic Church

Lucia and Angelene.

With the battle over, Touma is resting with Index near the place where Saiji is currently secured with runes by Stiyl.[7]According to reports, there were no fatalities in both sides, and with the Roman Catholics restraining the defeated Amakusa's as well.[8] However, their rest is interrupted by Saiji's request of letting him go. Though both Touma and Index are wary of him, Touma gives Saiji a chance to explain himself.[7]

Saiji explains that Orsola will be killed by the Roman Catholics since she can decipher the Book of the Law, and that would mean the age ruled by the cross would end, and since the Roman Catholic Church is the largest Christian sect in the world, they would have no power. Saiji states that they were trying to protect her from them, as she sought their protection, being the local Christian group; he continues by saying that the Roman Catholic Church has lied that the Book of the Law has been stolen. Touma questions why Orsola Aquinas ran away from them in the first place if they were protecting them, to which Saiji answers that, Orsola Aquinas is like Kamijou Touma as she could not trust them completely, believing that their reason for protecting her was to gain the power of the Book of the Law, but in reality there was no reason at all, and they just wanted to protect her as what their Supreme Pontiff would do, Kanzaki Kaori. Realizing his sincerity, Touma became suspicious of the Roman Catholics.[8]

Touma's worries were not unfounded as he hears Orsola's scream from afar, and later the arrival of two nuns (Lucia and Angelene) to take away Saiji. They attack Touma, after he accidentally touched Lucia, injuring him. Overwhelmed by the surprise attack, Touma is helpless as with Saiji unable to do anything being restrained, however, Index is able to hijack and control Angelene's magic with Spell Intercept, temporarily disabling both Lucia and Angelene. The both of them are later forced to stop their attack, as they were signaled to pull back.[7]

Prelude to the Final Battle

Church Politics

Following the capture of Orsola Aquinas, Stiyl, Touma and Index regrouped, exchanging information with Saiji. They explain that the Roman Catholic Church can execute Orsola Aquinas because she has been labeled as an enemy of God, as she has become a non-believer by a technicality of being expelled from the Church.[6] They can expel Orsola as a member of the Church as by putting her through a Trial of Sin, which is set-up to make the one who is being tested to always fail. Since it is Roman Catholic Church matters, the Anglican Church cannot interfere, otherwise it would cause a conflict between the two sects, much to Touma's annoyance.[8]

Saiji however, tries to relieve Touma a little by saying that he will try to rescue his comrades and save Orsola afterwards,[6] as it is the specialty of the Amakusa Christians to challenge large forces, and later leaves.[8] Stiyl then asks if Touma has the cross necklace he gave him earlier, to which Touma responds that he has given it to Orsola.[6]

Trial of Orsola Aquinas

Agnese and her forces gather round Orsola.

Using the Church of Orsola as a gathering point for their large numbers, Agnese brought her forces, the captured Amakusa Christians (in another part of the church) and Orsola Aquinas to the unfinished church.[8] Here, they mercilessly beat Orsola Aquinas to the point her legs are completely blackened with bruises and cannot walk.[10] Agnese mock the Anglican Church and the Amakusa Christians for being easily tricked into helping them regain Orsola. This relieves Orsola somewhat, as she believed that they handed her to Agnese knowing that she would be executed, and goes on to explain on how they, the Roman Catholic Church's actions are based on lies, while the ones who helped her do so through their trust in their beliefs and ideals.[8] Agnese scoffs at this and says that Orsola should blame them for handing her out to them in the first place. Though, Orsola states that she could never hate those who tried to save her, believing that what they were doing was the best for her, even though they had no reason to help her.[6]

The Second Gathering of the Factions

Touma confronts Agnese.

Touma unable to bear the situation, opts to rescue Orsola Aquinas and not involve the Anglican Church, as he has an excuse being a member of the Science Side. Touma finds the church using the GPS on his cellphone, and destroys the seal. Alone, he faces against 250 armed battle nuns. Agnese mocks him for being there in the first place, and tells him that he should know what he should do in the first place; Touma answers her by trying to punch her (which she blocks), and says that he is there to save Orsola. This provokes Agnese and tries to have her nuns attack Touma, however, Stiyl arrives in an explosive entrance, which surprises Agnese since Stiyl is willing to risk destroying relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church to interfere in Roman Catholic matters.

However, Stiyl states that his faction is now involved with Roman Catholic matters, as Orsola is now wearing the cross necklace that was prepared by the Archbishop of their church,[2] as such she is now a member of the Anglican Church, and her being executed by the Roman Catholics without negotiation with his church, as a member of the Anglican Church, Stiyl will not allow it; he also references Index being attacked on by the Roman Catholics, which angers him.[8]

Saiji arrives as well, having freed his compatriots, and comments on how Touma is an idiot for going on his own, though he says that he is an interesting idiot. Index arrives shortly after, scolding Touma's decision, though states that they should go and save Orsola Aquinas, to which Touma nods his head in agreement. Seeing this, Agnese orders her nuns to attack.[8]

Battle of the Church of Orsola

Index using Sheol Fear.

Touma carries the injured Orsola during the battle, trying to find a way to escape the nuns after separating from Index and the others.[11] While running, Touma is nearly surrounded by the nuns, though are saved by the Amakusa Christians (most notably the adaptation anime has Itsuwa as the only one who helped Touma).[11] Even then, Touma is still being pursued by the nuns, which forced him to seek higher ground, which eventually lead him and Orsola to the roof of the church.[6] He is later surrounded by three nuns (much more in the anime adaptation, in fact this scene is cut entirely from the anime) which he manages to handle on his own.[11]

Meanwhile, Saiji is doing well on his own using his own tactic, however, he notices that Index is being chased and cornered by the Roman Catholic nuns. He tries to aid her, but is stopped by Stiyl who just defeated a few nuns. Stiyl states that getting near Index will only weaken the usefulness of Index's ability, Sheol Fear. At this point numerous Roman Catholic nuns are writhing in pain by Index's song; according to Stiyl, using the 103,000 grimoires locked inside her head, she can find the contradictions of the Christian doctrines that the person believes in,[11] here, it is used against the Roman Catholic nuns, Saiji getting near Index would render her ability ineffective, as his teachings are significantly different to that of the Roman Catholics.[6]

However, their advantage against the Roman Catholics was soon destroyed as Lucia orders the nuns to stab their ears in order for them to be unable to hear Index's Sheol Fear. Index, Stiyl, and Saiji are horrified at what they witness, and are nearly overwhelmed by the nuns, and are later forced to retreat to where Touma is, and Orsola are after they called for them. They enter the funeral chapel and closed the door, with the nuns closely behind them trying to break it down.[11][12]

With time quickly running out, Touma and Index opts to use the Book of the Law embedded within her memory, as well as Orsola Aquinas' abilities to decipher it, to use against the Roman Catholics. Stiyl was fine at the suggestion at first, though protested later as Index knowing how the Book of the Law works would mean more magicians would come after, and later relented only after telling and threatening Touma to become stronger in protecting her. Their hopes are dashed however, after Index discovers that the code that Orsola uses to decipher the Book of the Law is incorrect, and states that it was a fake left behind by the author. Though thoroughly disappointed, they are immediately swarmed after by the Roman Catholic nuns, who has broken down the door to the chapel.[12]

Kamijou Touma vs. Agnese Sanctis

Touma defeats Agnese.

Touma faces against Agnese on his own, seeing this, Agnese thought that he had abandoned his comrades. Though denies this and says that he was entrusted in this matter, as he trusted them doing something else as part of their plan. Irritated by Touma's naivete, Agnese begins to chant an incantation, which opens the closed wings of her Lotus Staff. Agnese attacks using the staff, which hits Touma by a force he cannot see. Agnese continues attacking him several times with the staff, with Touma trying desperately to dodge the invisible blow from her staff. One notable attack from Agnese is her using a knife to scratch her staff which creates an invisible sharp force that cuts through Touma's back, severely injuring him.[11]

Agnese continues her attack but Touma remains resolute, and was able to predict the pattern of Agnese's attacks, and was able to dispel it. Surprised by this, Agnese tries to attack again, however, Agnese already gave Touma an opening for a counterattack, and with this Touma was able to punch Agnese in the face. After Agnese comes to, both Touma and Agnese stop fighting after realizing that the fighting on the outside has seemingly stopped, which Agnese saw as her victory, though is mistaken.[12]

The chapel that Touma and Agnese were fighting in was illuminated by the arrival of Innocentius, with Stiyl, Index, Orsola, Tatemiya and the Amakusa Christians. Stiyl states that he used 4,300 rune cards to summon Innocentius with the help of the Amakusa Christians to setup the cards all around the Church of Orsola to form a large magic circle. Touma states that this is their plan all along, for him to preoccupy Agnese by fighting and tricking her that he has abandoned his comrades while Stiyl and the others setup Innocentius. Even then the Roman Catholics still had the advantage in numbers, as such Agnese thought that they could still beat them back. However, the nuns' determination wavered, seeing the power of Innocentius. Both Touma and Agnese are aware that they alone should defeat the other one and no one else, as the conditions of victory would be fulfilled after one of them is defeated.[11] Though Agnese is confused on how to defeat Touma, he however, steps forward and charges forward while Agnese is preoccupied in her own thoughts, and defeats her in a single blow to her face.[12]

At that moment, the nuns lay down their arms, and surrender. Touma falls unconscious shortly after, after receiving so much damage to his body.[12]


Touma awakes the next morning to find that he is in the usual hospital again, here, he sees that Kanzaki is in his room to thank him for all his done, as well as apologize to him for him being able to help them. Kanzaki is also there to report to Touma about what happened to Orsola and the Amakusa Christians. She says that both Orsola Aquinas and the Amakusa Christians have become members of the Anglican Church, though not converted into Anglicanism, and are now protected from the Roman Catholic Church. She continues by saying that the Anglican Church has released that Orsola's way of deciphering the Book of the Law, ensuring that the Roman Catholic Church will no longer persecute her in that matter. With the Amakusa Christians becoming members of the Anglican Church, they are still allowed to practice their own religious doctrines and teachings.[13]

Meanwhile back in London, Stiyl reports that the Roman Catholic Church has declared that the Agnese Forces have acted on their own, and have no intention on assassinating Orsola Aquinas or anyone involved during the events that unfolded, though they'll still responsible somewhat for not managing them properly. Laura Stuart also hints on how she intended this incident with the Amakusa's to gain better control on Kanzaki, as she is too powerful to handle with violence, Laura states the need for positive reinforcement to control Kanzaki, such as having the Amakusa join the Necessarius. It is also hinted on how there is also an ulterior motive in saving Orsola Aquinas, as her life is a trivial concern to Laura, though Stiyl doesn't know what the reason is.[13]

Effects and implications in later events

Though the Book of the Law would not be deciphered regardless of Orsola's face, the Roman Catholic Church was further weakened due to the events of this arc. With the destruction of their main fighting strengths Gregorian Chant and the Agnese Forces, as well as the Anglican Church gaining the Amakusa Christians, have put the Roman Catholic Church in a vulnerable enough position in allowing Lidvia Lorenzetti to set-up the Croce di Pietro in Academy City, to tip the already crumbling balance between the world's factions into their favor.[5]



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