Orson (オーソン Ōson?) is a minor character introduced during the Academy City Invasion Arc of Toaru Majutsu no Index. As a member of Hound Dog Orson was on standby in one of the Hound Dog's black vans during Kihara Amata's retrieval of Last Order.

He is most notably known as the only known member of Hound Dog to have been spared by the Accelerator during Vento of the Front's invasion of Academy City.


In the anime adaptation, Orson is shown to be a fairly young man with a healthy build and having short black hair.


Orson displays a simplistic attitude towards life, telling Accelerator that he did not want to get involved with Kihara Amata or Accelerator and simply wanted to live a normal life recording television programs and drinking alcohol. This attitude may have contributed to Accelerator sparing his life.[1]


Not much is known about Orson, though he should be at least been a member of Hound Dog for quite a while. Since he already knows not to cross Kihara Amata, as well as the fact that he has already killed 14 people.[1]


Academy City Invasion ArcEdit

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Toaru Majutsu no Index II E20 02m 39s

Accelerator tells Orson to drive.

Orson first appears after Accelerator commandeers the vehicle he was on. Here, Accelerator stabs Orson in the back through the seats, forcing him to obey his every word if we wants to get to the hospital on time. Accelerator then uses the car to save Index who appeared before the Hound Dogs and Kihara Amata and to escape.[2]

In the van, Orson is forced to tell Accelerator that they have a Scent Sensor that could track him anywhere, and later tells him that a certain cleaning detergent can mess up the analysis of the Scent Sensor. Later, after having Index go to a certain hospital and park near the 5th School District,[3] Orson tells Accelerator the hopelessness of both their situations. Here, Orson states that he'd rather die, though Accelerator immediately sees through his ruse, which forces Orson to admit that he doesn't really want to die and sick of being surrounded by monsters like Accelerator and Kihara Amata and just want to live a normal life.[1]

Seeing his pathetic fate and his desire to live, Accelerator tells Orson to live so that he may prolong his suffering. Accelerator leaves him, bringing with him the shotgun that was in the van.[2] Accelerator later calls Heaven Canceler that a man stabbed in the back would be brought into the hospital and tells him to prepare for an attack, and later notices an ambulance pass through believing that it was the ambulance that carried Orson.[4]

Orson's name is first referred to by Nancy during their tracking down of Accelerator in the Third Resource Recycling Processing Facility.[3] Later, as predicted by Accelerator, the hospital where the Heaven Canceler works in is later infiltrated by Hound Dogs out to eliminate Orson and Index.[5]

His current fate is unknown, though it is assumed that he survived the stab wound thanks to the Heaven Canceler.


He is a normal human, though since he is a member of Hound Dog, he is capable of handling firearms.


Hound Dog

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