Osad Flakehelm (オーサッド=フレイクヘルム Ōsaddo Fureikuherumu?) is a character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. As one of the 100+ competitors of Natural Selector, he loses his daughter, Mistray Flakehelm, to MIBs during the tournament, and is later engulfed in the distortion that occurs in Baggage City.


Osad has a queer appearance, almost two meters tall, he was a large topless man, and due to the nature of his weapon, wore various types of antennae upon his person.[1]


Although unbecoming of his appearance, Osad is a kind man, who would rather not use unnecessary violence to defeat his opponents, as exemplified by his battle with Saflee Opendays, whom surprised after she talked about her love for pure destruction.[1]


Before his appearance, he comes to Baggage City for the tournament with his daughter. However, self-proclaimed MIBs abducted his daughter, putting a heavy weight on his shoulders as he competes in his first battle. Despite this he carried on with tournament, and threatened one of the doctors in charge of measuring the damage.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Baggage City ArcEdit

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He first appears for the 1st round of the 35th match of the Natural Selector tournament, fighting against Saflee Opendays. Here, he warns Saflee of his weapon, and would hope to reduce the damage that she will take, preferring unnecessary violence. Saflee lectures him about her desire for pure destruction, and states that the reason why people think he is a fake is because his destruction isn't too obvious. Furthermore, she knows that his daughter has been abducted by MIBs and that she will take care of it for him because he doesn't like their type of destruction.[1] And thus, their battle begins, and though Osad manages to get hits on Saflee, she wins in the end.[2]

He reappears later with his daughter, both having been saved by Saflee who could not abandon them after Kumokawa Maria wakes up from her battle with Marian Slingeneyer.[3]


Osad claims to have independently discovered the secrets of the implant technology used by aliens and implanted it into his own brain. Osad primarily uses electromagnetic attacks coming from the many antennae that are on his person. On his right hand is a silver parabolic antenna object, and on his left hand is a TV antenna. On his back is a backpack, which had a number of arms sticking out of each which had a something like a fishing reel attached, most likely antennae as well.[1]

The attack can be adjusted by Osad. Since it is electromagnetic, the attack is invisible and subtle, which is why he is thought as a fake. Osad can apparently accurately target body parts of his opponent, like lymph fluid in the semicircular canals. The attack can be adjusted to make an opponent vomit and faint.[1]


  • (To Saflee from NT Volume 4) "I do not enjoy unnecessary destruction. Praising those who minimize the destruction required to achieve their goals is done worldwide."


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