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Ouyang Qian (欧陽茜?) is a student of Tokiwadai Middle School who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She was a member of the Sha Clique, one year before the main story.[2][1]


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Hairstyle and other features[1][2][3]

Ouyang has dark-colored hair and wears the Tokiwadai Middle School uniform.[1][3]


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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

First Year Arc[]

Main article: First Year Arc

Quyang Qian and Lin Lihua accompanied Lily when she went to take Shokuhou Misaki for questioning and used their abilities against her when she refused to come with them, but the three were swiftly knocked out by Hokaze Junko once she arrived.[3][4] After having their injuries bandaged, they reported back to Sha Danshan, who was annoyed at them doing this without telling her anything.[4][5]

The three girls were together again around the time that rumors that Hasekura and Shokuhou were cooperating were being circulated (with Hasekura's trusted aides assigned to guard Shokuhou and reinforce the lure's plausibility).[6]

When the Mikagami and Sha cliques reinforced the Hasekura clique in a raid on the headquarters of Montgolfier, the culprit behind the attacks that instigated and aggravated the clique conflict, Ouyang was involved in the resulting battle with Montgolfier's operatives and their prototype weapons.[7]

Following Sha Danshan being tentatively awarded the Majesty emblem,[8][9] at some point after the incident involving Konoe Nagisa and Spark Signal, Ouyang was among the group from her clique who accompanied and congratulated her afterwards.[8]


Ouyang Qian's Ability

Ouyang whistling to summon an eagle.

Ouyang is a Level 4 esper capable of summoning and controlling birds.[1][3] The number she can control is inversely proportional to the complexity of her orders, with over a hundred birds simultaneously for simple orders. She can also share her vision with birds, but she doesn't like to do it as it would make her terribly motion sick.[1]



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