The Overloading of the Curtana Original is an event that occurs when the Curtana Original cannot properly contain its power and violently releases it. It is later used as a tactic by the Anglican Church in order to weaken princess Carissa during the height of the British Halloween, which later opened up for their counterattack against her in the Battle of Buckingham Palace.


Curtana Original is a spiritual item that has the power to rival that of the leader of angels. Due to the tremendous power the sword holds if a mistake is made in controlling the power and the user loses control then it will destroy the user itself. To remedy this a large facility is required to suppress its power if it is heading out of control.[1]

Historical occurrence and countermeasureEdit

The reason why the Puritan Revolution, also known as the English Civil War, succeeded was because the Curtana Original went out of control during that time and was later lost to history.[1]

In order to prevent such a thing from happening again and prevent an opening that allows a revolution to form, the Curtana Second was created, and a facility is later built under Buckingham Palace as that is where the user of the Curtana mostly stayed in for much of the year. The facility interferes with the sword by reversing the flow of the magic power, stabilizing it. Almost directly under the palace is the subway route Victoria Line. Its line branches off from the normal track, which goes directly under the Buckingham Place. There is also a special railroad car with a magic circle for the Curtana. It is set up so it can be promptly taken to the area directly below Buckingham Palace when the Curtana is heading out of control.[1] Only a member of the Royal Family can interfere with this mechanism.[1]

The branching track where the special railroad is kept is protected by a magical barrier that looks like a normal wall, this however, is just the base form of the Mokkerkalfe spiritual item, designed to protect the place and the special railway car.[2]


British HalloweenEdit

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Despite the Amakusa Christians' failure in crushing Carissa and stopping the coup, the conclusion of the Battle of Folkestone was serendipitous for their resistance against Carissa and her knights. With the interference of Acqua of the Back in the battle, they are able to retrieve both Villian, Index, and Kamijou Touma, necessary parts for the Anglican Church forces' plan.

As the knights' allegiance with Carissa is weak and have become even weaker because of the Knight Leader's defeat at the hands of Acqua of the Back, the Anglican Church forces deemed that it would be an opportune time to strike a blow against Carissa who has returned to Buckingham Palace in order to stabilize the Curtana Original,[3] as the success of the coup depended directly whether or not the sword can be used.[1]

The plan is to have Villian, Index, and Touma get to a subway station near Buckingham Palace, and from there go to the tunnel under it, using Villian to interfere with the barrier within the subway tunnel and allow the special railway car to pass, as only a member of the royal family can do so. Moreover, they are to do this on their own without magical assistance from the Anglican Church as the knights have set a new security measure within London, immediately detecting anyone wandering around if they have magic power, their location displayed on a map allowing for knights to be upon them almost immediately. The three are chosen specifically because they are unable to refine their own magic power, and that two of them can actually fight.[1]

Meanwhile, the Anglican Church will communicate with the witches of the mobile fortress Coven Compass in order to have them use its large scale flash spell on Buckingham Palace. Due to the distance between the fortress, which at that point was currently partaking in battle in Islay, the Anglican Church has set up 10 spiritual items as relay points across the country in order to guide the massive amount of magic power. If Touma and company are successful, the spell from the mobile fortress will forcibly interfere with the Curtana Original and sending it out of control, making it either unusable or weakened.[1]

London's securityEdit

Including the security measure the knights have set up to detect magic power in London, the knights are staying on guard by using magic, creating a defense network that uses senses augmented by spells instead of relying on their own senses. Despite their massive number however, the knights still have to cover dozens of kilometers worth ground covering all of London.[4]

However, in another show of Carissa's arrogance, she had ordered the three major security companies that controls the security cameras in London, as she apparently deemed that since she already controlled the country the cameras were too much trouble.[4]

The missionEdit

Prior to 2:00 in the morning the mission begins.[4]

Landing the plane on a street, the Amakusa Christians successfully observes that the cameras wasn't functioning anymore. Afterwards, the mission begins with Touma and Index are in a car in Kensington being driven by Villian. She is under the instructions by Index on how to move in order to take advantage of the knights usage of spells that augmented their senses.[4]

Nearing Buckingham Palace, Index then orders the car to be stop and for them to continue the rest of their mission on foot. Despite the danger of the knights using a wide area search spell to assist with their Robin Hood magic for sniping, they are able successfully bypass them by following Index's lead as they slip pass through the gaps of their defenses. They later arrive the subway but comes upon a shutter with an electronic blocking their way.[4] Touma later calls Mikoto for her aid, much to her shock as she discovers that he is in London during the coup.[5] Thanks to Mikoto's directions, Touma is able to open the shutter’s electronic lock. much to Index's chagrin.[6]

Coming into the platform and later on to the subway tunnel itself, the group later rendezvous with the normal servants, maids, and cooks from Buckingham Palace in the subway tunnel, though Villian laments that they are putting themselves in needless danger. The servants insist however wanting nothing more but to aid Villian in dealing with the device in the tunnel and not have her worry despite knowing nothing about magic and the dangerous situation they were in. After confirming that they will escape with them after their mission, the now 20-strong group continue deeper into the tunnel. Villian notes that there should be mark to aid the magicians that maintain it won't forget where it is. She later writes what the mark looks like on paper, though its appearance makes Index suspicious. Having a guide on what to look for, the group continues searching. Touma later comes upon a strange wall that felt like paper with his right hand, and in response the wall change into a humanoid shape.[6]

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  • Touma, Index and Villian facing Mokkerkalfe
  • Touma bound by Mokkerkalfe's paper in the anime
  • The bound Touma and Mokkerkalfe

Though they have managed to open the tunnel to the branching subway line, the group is attacked by a giant made up of paper, which Index says is a spiritual item based on the legend of the Mokkerkalfe from Norse Mythology. Touma tries to use his right hand on the paper giant, and it falls apart. However, it quickly reforms into a wire like humanoid and attacks Touma with its stake-like arms. As Touma is trapped by the paper that came apart after he used his Imagine Breaker on it, he is unable to move during its attack. However, one of Villian's servants tries to grab the giant's arms, throwing off its aim, though knocking him away in great force. As the giant tries to take its stake-like arms off a wall after missing, Touma berates the servant for his recklessness. The servant apologizes, but says that since Touma has a right hand that can oppose the giant, asks him do something before its stake is turned toward Villian.[7]

The servants gather around Villian to protect her, intending to buy Touma enough time to recover by ganging up on the giant, in spite of their lack of power and experience. Villian inquires on why they are doing so, to which one of the female servants say that it is because they wanted to fight for her.[2]

At that moment, the giant stopped trying to take out its arm and had it fall apart instead. Regaining freedom, it then sharpened its arm again to form another stake. Villian tells her servants that though she understands their feelings, though that does not make it right to have them die. She states that if the spiritual item is set to eliminate the threats in order of priority, then she is the best lure. At that moment, Villian tries to test her hypothesis by running towards the giant, surprising everyone present. She then grabs a large wrench as a weapon on the way. She tries to swing the wrench at the giant's head. Seeing this, the giant fires a stake at the wrench and breaks it, much to her shock. She then falls backward. Despite this, Villian's spirit doesn't waver, determined to save the servants that aided her and oppose Carissa for using her power to make people suffer. As the giant tries to attack Villian, Index intervenes with her Spell Intercept, making the giant's stake stab into the ground instead. At that moment, Villian, finishes the spell in order to disperse the barrier. As taught by Index earlier to her, this was a quick spell, making use of the Notarikon. The giant begins falling into pieces, though still tries to pierce Villian. She doesn't flinch as Touma finally frees himself and manages to grab on to its arm. Already barely maintaining its form, Touma's right fist completely negates the giant.[2]


After destroying the barrier, Itsuwa of the Amakusa Christians calls Touma to say that due to the success of their mission, the special railway car's power source can now be accessed remotely. She then warns them that the special railway car is heading towards them at tremendous speed, recommending them to get out of the way. Moreover, as the Coven Compass will begin firing again, the reversing flow of power will create a large scale release of magic power, which the knights will likely detect and investigate. Furthermore, she says that they will be at risk in getting caught up in an explosion, telling them head back to them.[2] Touma and the others later leave as instructed.[8]

Using relay points across the country, Coven Compass' attack reaches Curtana Original. With its irregular power forced into Curtana Original, acts as a stimulus to overload Curtana.[8]

Overloading of the Curtana OriginalEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E13 18m 48s

Carissa coughs up blood from the effects of the overload

On 2:30 AM, a magical explosion with a radius of 50 kilometers erupted with Buckingham Palace at the center. Princess Carissa is caught unawares by the attack, and as the Curtana Original's power leaks into fragments it damages her body. As a result of this attack, most of the power of the Curtana Original distributed to the knights and that of Carissa's has been lost.[8] Moreover, it would take at least a month for the Curtana Original to recover its power after the explosion.[9]

So great was the amount of telesma released that it affected the spiritual items in London, likely made half of the spiritual items in Buckingham Palace useless,[8] as well as destroying 3 small churches.[9] Not only that, due to the dense concentration of telesma, using magic in London in the immediate aftermath of the explosion could risk causing an explosion that would envelop the city.[9]


Carissa is impressed by the attack despite her injuries. Meanwhile, the knights quickly recover and reseal the special railway car beneath the palace. Carissa later orders the knights to see how the explosion affected London, check if the spiritual items in the palace are still working, as well as tools for working with spiritual items as she needs to run another check on Curtana Original.[8] Despite the massive loss of power among Carissa and the knights they remain a potent foe. However, it breaks down the relationship between the knights and Carissa, with the latter already noticing the disturbance in the knights. This later prompts her to take the first step against the knights herself,[8] "purging" them later prior to the Battle of Buckingham Palace.

Toaru Majutsu no Index III E13 19m 40s

The 'last supper'

The Anglican Church forces need only to wait for the telesma in London to subside in order for them to attack. In the meantime, they have a "Last Supper" on the outskirts of London while they consolidate their forces and prepare for the final battle against Carissa.[9]


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