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Oyafune Monaka (親船 最中 Oyafune Monaka?) is one of Academy City's Board of Directors. Her daughter Oyafune Suama is a teacher at Kamijou Touma's school.


Touma believed that she looked to be in her 50s or 60s. She and was about two sizes smaller than him even while standing. In her first appearance she was rather heavily dressed with a coat folded over her bent arm and a short hand made scarf around her neck. When he commented about the scarf not fitting in place with a member of the Board of Directors she became defensive about it because it was made by her daughter.[citation needed]


As the general board of directors are regarded as "a gathering of shitty bastards", she stands out from them being possibly the only one of the Board of Directors that sincerely thinks about the students, as mentioned by various groups like ITEM and GROUP.[citation needed] Shiokishi, a fellow member of the Board of Directors referred to her as "someone that would go head on against a country just because of a child she didn’t know personally cried. No matter what kind of political techniques were used, it could not stop her. If she has started to move now then we can only fight back using force."[citation needed]


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Document of Constantine Arc

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Monaka shot

She first appears before Kamijou Touma on his the way home from the grocery store, he bumps into an elderly woman and apologizes for bumping into her, she tells him that she's was expecting him and holds Touma at gun point. She asks him to follow her and he reluctantly agrees, when they reach a children's park he asks what she's planning. She tells him that she wishes to talk to him about the current situation that's happening around the world and tries to persuade Touma to step in and solve the rioting caused by the Roman Catholic Church's "supernatural powers", since Aleister told the world that the "Magic" of various Churches are just rival esper research institutions. This is because the Board of Directors decided to not intervene, as it would be to Academy City's advantage to let the conflict drag on and sell weapons to the rest of the Science side to protect them, thus increasing their funds.[1]

After explaining all this to him Tsuchimikado Motoharu then appears and asks if she finished discussing things with him. She tells him yes and that it's his turn to take care of the rest, he pulls out a handgun from the buckle from his belt and shoots her in the gut, causing her to fall on the ground. Before Touma could lose control of himself Monaka stops him and tells him that she arranged for Tsuchimikado to shoot her and that her vital spots were missed slightly. This was done to prevent retribution (such as attacking her daughter) from either the other Directors or Aleister. Later events show that she has recovered from the gunshot wound.[2]

Battle Royale Arc

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Oyafune addressing the crowd at the concert hall

After using a reader to scan the chips that "Unabara Mitsuki" found in Management apartment, they found out that he was used to hire Sunazara Chimitsu and the location was the front plaza at the Seventh School District concert hall where Oyafune Monaka was already giving an address to a crowd.[3] Thanks to GROUP's intervention her security was put on alert and as they moved her of the stage one of her staff was hit by Sunazara Chimitsu's shot.[4]

When ITEM heard about the assassination order given to SCHOOL to have her erased, they remarked that there's no reason behind it as she's not involved in anything important enough in the dark side of Academy City to warrant such an attack. This was done so Kakine Teitoku could steal the Tweezers from a Particle Engineering Lab which it's security would be in disorder whether the assassination was successful or not.[5] Later events show that the attack on her may have been planned by Aleister to set off a chain of events to erase all internal problems such as the ones caused by BLOCK, and it didn't matter whether she lived or died.[citation needed]


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After GROUP was betrayed by Shiokishi and on the run, Tsuchimikado Motoharu suggested that they seek help from one of the positive members of the board he suggested her despite not wanting to involve her but, was aware they had no other choice in the matter. Accelerator then went to where she was holding a charity astronomy trip for the kids that were captured by Spark Signal in the Hula Hoop incident. At first he was refused upon arrival by her secretary, he then explains about the fact of her life which goes to and from between Light and Darkness has taken a toll on her when Shiokishi ordered the kidnapping of her daughter as warning to her. Monaka finally noticed their small argument, and jogged over towards them. Accelerator choose that moment to leave and having decided that he would not involve her, when the boy he rescued came over having recognized him who then begged to come with him. After witnessing their interactions she decide to aid Accelerator having heard him mentioning Shiokishi earlier.[6] They then head to his base in School District 2 under the protection of Oyafune Monaka, having invoked the observation system between members that have equal powers he was forced to let them inside his bunker knowing that a denial on his part would led to GROUP and Moaka to legitimately attacking his forces that would lead to a war between the members of the Board of Directors. When during the meeting with Shiokishi it is revealed that the "Unabara Mitsuki" of GROUP had disguised himself as Monaka knowing that Shiokishi would betray the truce of the negotiations and try to kill her. According to him, Oyafune didn’t hesitate in allowing him to rip off 10cm of skin from her arm, to make the charm using her skin as raw material.[7]

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Kamijou Arc

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Given her position, she likely attended the in-person board meeting following the recovery of Academy City and reports of Aleister's death, during which Accelerator broke into the secret meeting room and introduced himself as the new Board Chairman. Her shooting was referenced with regards to the dangers of being a board member.[8]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Appearing only rarely, Monaka's design remains static throughout the series. Haimura designed her with the idea of a female headmaster in mind.[citation needed]




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