Parallel Sweets Park

The park entrance at night.

Parallel Sweets Park (パラレルスウィーツパーク Parareru Suwītsu Pāku?) is a large snack-theme amusement park somewhere near Academy City and the Hakumeiza.


Located somewhere near Academy City and Hakumeiza, the Parallel Sweets Park is the location of one of the 47 Portals of Japan. The amusement park is as large as an electrical plant and was build and financed by four large snack manufacturers. There are 75 stores from 38 different countries in the park. Throughout it, there are several donut-like watercourses that are linked to each other like the five rings of the Olympic symbols. On the outside of the watercourses are several top quality snack shops. On the inside of the circular watercourses is a square, where many snack manufacturers showcase their products and carry out activities.[1][2]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

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On September 8 at around 11 PM, the Amakusa Christians gathered in Parallel Sweets Park in an attempt to use one of the portals of the Great Japanese Coastal Map to escape from the Roman Catholic Church after re-kidnapping Orsola Aquinas who was inadvertently found by Kamijou Touma while he was on his way to the Hakumeiza to meet with Stiyl Magnus.[1][2]

Later, during the evening, the Amakusa Church do battle against the Roman Catholic Church, with the teamwork of Kamijou Touma and Stiyl Magnus, they were able to defeat it's leader, Tatemiya Saiji, and were able to retrieve Orsola Aquinas. However, Agnese Sanctis was lying after all and did not plan on keeping Orsola alive, because of this deception the Agnese's forces attack Touma and his group but were able to hold them off. Agnese's forces later regroup in the Church of Orsola.[1]


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