The Parameter List (素養格付 (パラメータリスト) Soyō Kakuzuke (Paramēta Risuto)?, lit., "Accomplishment Ranking") is a database of espers and their potential levels. It is used as a basis of comparison for esper development procedures and the efficiency of said procedures. How this list came to be is yet unrevealed in the novels.


What Parameter List exactly contains is uncertain, but it might have been used to determine if the esper developed through the Power Curriculum Program would compensate for the cost of producing it. For example, a person who has the potential to become a Level 4 quickly would receive more focus on their development such as better facilities and resources than those who can only go up to Level 2 in the list.[1] It is regarded as "a more cruel determinant of Levels than System Scan".

Based on the Parameter List, researchers took Misaka Mikoto's DNA map for the 'Level 5 mass production project' while Mikoto was still only a Level 1.[1]

The existence of this database is kept top secret by the Board of Directors to avoid any social unrest caused by the exposure of the information in the database.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

World War III ArcEdit

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During World War III, the existence of this list was revealed to Hamazura Shiage, and he proceeded to extract more information about it from a member of the Board of Directors who was also ITEM's backer.[1]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Processor Suit ArcEdit

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Shiage kept the Parameter List information in a data chip in his ear, as a bargaining chip so he and ITEM could live relatively peacefully without being targeted by the Dark Side of Academy City. The microwave-induced heat wave in December damaged the chip and resulted in the data being lost.[2]


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