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Pearl Harbor (パールハーバー Pāruhābā?) is a naval port in Oahu, Hawaii. Therein lies the headquarters of U.S. Pacific Fleet, making it a key strategic location for the United States of America as a launching point in the Pacific.

It is probably the most well-known naval base in the world due to the attack on Pearl Harbor


The Hawaiian Islands are the cornerstone of the United States' defensive line in the Pacific, with 52 bases, counting navy, air force and marine bases, which Pearl Harbor is a part of. It has the largest collection military facilities in Hawaii.[1]


Third Marine Base

The Third Marine Base (第三基地?) is where the United States Marines usually stay. It has an airport for cargo planes, among others, though it also contains a port on its own, as Arc Daniels' boat came there. It's facilities allows it to keep the Trigger safely.

Blackport Naval Base

Blackport Naval Base (ブラックポート基地?) is an American naval base in Pearl Harbor, it is primarily used as the port for the various American ships.


Having the largest collection of military facilities in Hawaii, it is likely that Pearl Harbor has several conventional weapons, artillery, and vehicles. Pearl Harbor has frigates, Aegis warships, aircraft carriers and probably many more types of warships.

Hubble Lotus

The Hubble Lotus (ハッブルロータス Habbu Rurōtasu?) is a nuclear powered aircraft carrier based on Pearl Harbor, and is referred to as something that is badly named. With the way it is referenced, the Hubble Lotus must surely be a infamous enough carrier, worthy of concern by Trident.

During the Fall of Pearl Harbor, the aircraft carrier is spared from the destruction that have befallen other ships, as it was in a mission in South China Sea.[2]


Main article: Trigger

Trigger (起爆剤 Kibakuzai?, lit., Triggering Explosive) is a military-developed device used for the purpose of inducing a controlled eruption of volcanoes. It is kept inside Pearl Harbor's Third Marine Base, until its eventual theft by GREMLIN.[3]


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Pearl Harbor contained a unique weapon, called Cutter (継ぎ目つき刃カッター Tsugime tsuki ha (Kattā)?, lit., Seemed Blade), which fires thousands of blades, that would rain upon an area of at least seventy meters. It is a type of bearing cluster weapon, using the power of an 180 mm gun, it was enhanced with blades.[4]


Hawaii Invasion Arc

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Being an important military base in Hawaii, and the center of the United States power in the Pacific, Pearl Harbor was an important location in Oahu.

Before the invasion, Roberto Katze, Kamijou Touma, Misaka Mikoto, Accelerator and Leivinia Birdway, walked into Pearl Harbor to ascertain if Trigger was still there, after a ruckus with Bax Silver who was controlled by Saronia A. Irivika, they try to go to the airport where Touma, Mikoto and Roberto are involved in a battle in an aircraft being controlled by Saronia. In the end, much to the surprise by both Saronia and Touma, the Trigger was already setup in Kilauea, and immediately forced its eruption.

With that, the Fall of Pearl Harbor erupts, culminating in the destruction of the Third Base and several of the bases' warships not seen since the attack on Pearl Harbor back in 1941. Despite this, American marine forces manage to rally a withdrawal, helping to reduce the number of casualties. The base is later abandoned, after Olay Blueshake was determined to be the one who hired Trident, the attacking forces, and Trident was forced to move on in order to search for her daughter in Hawaii.

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