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A People-Clearing Field (人払い Hitobarai?, lit. 'Clearing out the people') is a special field created by Magic, used to keep people away from a certain area. They are commonly used by Magicians to conceal their activities from unrelated people.


There are various methods through which a people-clearing field may be produced; for example, Stiyl Magnus makes use of rune cards, specifically Opila (ᛟ) runes, using their meaning of "land" and preventing interference from an unwanted other party in an area that one owns,[1] while Kanzaki Kaori makes use of her wires to form a magic circle for people-clearing magic.[2] Oriana Thomson has a Shorthand flashcard which can create a people-clearing field,[3] and her Silent Coin spell is based on the same principles expanded further.[4] Magical institutions often have similar kinds of cover-up systems in place.[5]

The field interferes with the unconscious in order to divert the attention of unrelated people and prevent their intrusion, up to a certain level. Operating on a principle similar to Feng shui, it alters the natural flow of power in a location, creating areas of "comfortableness" and "uncomfortableness", in order to influence the flow of people away from the target area.[6]

While setting up a people-clearing field may help to conceal a magician's actions from people uninvolved in magical affairs, and prevent trouble due to exposure,[7] it can also alert other magicians to their presence,[3][8] unless steps are taken to conceal the effects.[2] Also, there is a limit to how much of a disturbance a people-clearing field can conceal - disturbances greater than the field's capacity will be noticed and will likely neutralize the field.[9]

Due to the people-clearing field interfering with the unconscious, it might also slightly disturb the control an esper has over their ability.[10] Powerful beings such as Coronzon can use a variant of the method used for a people-clearing field to render a group of people unconscious.[11]