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Peter Wellgo (ピーター=ウェイルゴ?) is a member of a French Academy City cooperative institution, who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall Demonstration.


Peter Wellgo is described as a tall man with pale blond hair with some grey mixed in. He wears a high class custom suit. His muscles are apparently starting to wither due to age.[1]


At some point, Peter Wellgo collaborated with the higher-ups of another Academy City cooperative institution running a Russian shopping mall, as they devised a plan to detonate a Solntse hydrogen bomb within Academy City. Wellgo also made plans to avoid having blame fall on his institution should the Russian shopping mall fail and fall.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun SS2: Shopping Mall DemonstrationEdit

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Peter Wellgo visits the shopping mall as one of the guests for Misaka Mikoto's planned demonstration,[2] to observe their plan being carried out. After the plan's discovery due to Mikoto's actions and the deaths of the shopping mall higher-ups at the hands of Caliche I. Niknosh, Wellgo took steps to continue the plan for the benefit of his institution while attempting to make it look as though Project Code EIC was to blame.[1]

So that their interference couldn't be traced, Peter Wellgo attempted to load the core of Code EIC on a rocket to launch it into outer space where no one could investigate it. He also engineered the apparent approval of martial law within the area of the shopping mall, where riots were taking place due to earlier manipulations, and set up explosions within the launch facility to cover his tracks.[1]

As he was preparing to launch the rocket from a nearby station, Mikoto smashed through the observation window and knocked him down. Telling him she knew what he was attempting, Mikoto threatened him with a high voltage current to stop the rocket. However, Wellgo laid there, smiled and repeatedly denied that he was anything more than a tool of the machine, even when he would be at risk of dying from the launch flames coming through the window.

Mikoto managed to stop the rocket just as it was starting to launch, though Wellgo was still confident that the fuel leaking from the damaged rocket would explode and the Code EIC core would be unreadable from heat damage. He lost his smile when he noticed no signs of an explosion occurring. He stood up suddenly and despite being hit with an electrical discharge, he threw a lit lighter out of the window towards the fuel. To his dismay, there was no explosion and Mikoto explained that she'd converted the oxygen into ozone, meaning the fuel wouldn't explode.[1]

Mikoto then told Wellgo to tell her about the UAV which was intended to send a detonation signal to the Solntse, however he jumped out of the broken window before she could react. Though he was heavily injured by the long fall, Lessar reached him and kept him alive so he could be taken into custody.[1]


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