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Sasha all alone researching about angels and Telesma in the Phenomena Control and Reduction Reproduction Facility.

Phenomena Control and Reduction Reproduction Facility (現象管理縮小再現施設 Genshou Kanri Shukushou Saigen Shisetsu?, Yen Press: Facility for the Miniature Reproduction and Administration of Phenomena) is the term referred to a collection of buildings created by the Russian Orthodox Church, in order to recreate the scenes where certain phenomena have occurred.


When an incident occurrences, the Russian Orthodox Church would create a facility that recreated the scene of the phenomenon in actual size, the thorough accuracy mostly meant to display how relentless they were. It started with facilities for just an incident or two, but more and more new reference facilities were created around them. Currently it is large enough to hold two or three entire cities, this was a method only possible in Russia's massive landscape. It is reminiscent of the cities created in the middle of a desert for a Hollywood movie, but its accuracy is much greater than a city street created for filming with a reverse side made of papier-mâché[1]. It is located somewhere near Moscow.[2]

The main use of the facility is related to the church's main task, to the research and investigative information needed to understand ghosts that should not exist according to Christian teachings.[1]

The only building shown is the reference facility, said to be the oldest of all the buildings in that movie village described as a palace with a mixture of many different cultures. The occult aspects are all based in Christianity and a large onion-like objet d’art is located on the top of the roof, and the inside of the building is perfectly modeled after a certain palace. This particular facility is well known for having a library of Grimoire copies.[3]


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