Piccadilly Circus (ピカデリー・サーカス Pikaderī Sākasu?) is a road junction in London, famous for its theatres and shopping centers.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]


Piccadilly is one of two streets which the area was built to connect. In this case, Circus, from the Latin word meaning "circle", is a round open space at a street junction.


Piccadilly Circus is located 3km east-northwest of Hyde Park,[6] and is also near to Trafalgar Square.[1]


Piccadilly Circus was built in 1819, connecting Regent Street and Piccadilly.


Coronzon ArcEdit

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Following the emergence of the reproduced Golden Dawn and the escape from Westminster Abbey, Aleister Crowley, Kamijou Touma, Othinus and Accelerator went to Piccadilly Circus to gather resources in order to fend off their pursuers.[2][3] Using hardware materials from the Naked Shopping Center within it, Aleister constructed the Super Sonic Striker which she briefly used to fend off Dion Fortune.[4][5] Shortly after Arthur Edward Waite and John William Brodie-Innes entered to prevent Aleister's escape, the building was subjected to a bombing from the Lady of the Masquerade Ball's Taphthartharath, reducing much of it to rubble and causing considerable damage to the rest of Piccadilly Circus.[6][7] Aleister and Touma's group survived and managed to escape towards the Isis-Urania Temple while their pursuers were searching the rubble for them.[7]

A short time later, Hamazura Shiage's group passed through Piccadilly Circus and picked up the injured Dion Fortune.[8] Misaka Tabigake was nearby at the time and missed his chance for a lift.[9]


  • Naked Shopping Center (ネイキッドショッピングセンター Neikiddo Shoppingu Sentā?): A shopping center with a focus on hardware supplies, which Aleister Crowley plundered for parts to use in a weapon against the reproduced Golden Dawn.[3][4][5]

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