Pierre Gosetti (ピエール=ジョゼッティ Piēru Jozetti?) is a magician who was making use of a shared ceremonial ground hidden in a container yard in Calais's harbor district.[1]


Pierre is the French form of Peter (derived from the Latin/Greek "petra", meaning "rock" or "stone").


Pierre Gosetti is largely undescribed but he apparently has a beard.[1]


Pierre appears to be proud of his position in B∴A∴, emphasizing and repeating it when naming himself in his interrogation.[1] He prefers the use of a mental temple as a ceremonial ground over a physical location, knowing that one should avoid conspicuous actions when they wish to remain hidden (such as going into a crypt or catacombs every night to conduct suspicious rituals). In his ceremonial actions, he has mentioned wanting to bolster his mental side to make sure his thoughts are not dragged down by the materialism of the current metal-driven age.[1] However, he cares about his wife having a safe birth enough to forgo his usual preference and want a physical talisman to aid it.[1]


In the past, Pierre and the other members of B∴A∴ made use a mental temple as their ceremonial ground, accessed via a regularly distributed passcode, however a mistake in the succession process after their previous leader died left the cabal unable to enter their temple.[1] Although preferring a mental temple, as his wife was nearing her due date, Pierre sought a physical protective charm to aid a safe birth, requiring a physical ceremonial ground to make one.[1]

Within the month before the Hood summoning incident, he made use of the shared ceremonial ground run by Jack Prometeria,[1][2][3] in the harbor district of Calais where he lived,[4] unknowingly becoming part of the summoning ceremony which Jack intended to use to summon the ship.[1][2][3]


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As the phantom Hood was approaching Calais, he was abducted from his home by Anglican agents and brought to the container yard for interrogation by Agnese Sanctis along with the other magicians who had used the shipping container in which the summoning ceremony was performed.[4][1] Answering truthfully about what they were doing, none of them knew the required exorcism procedure as they were not aware of being part of the summoning ceremony to begin with.[1][6][3]


Pierre's exact capabilities are not known, but he is ranked 5=6 (numbers used for Adeptus Minor in the Golden Dawn's ranking system) in B∴A∴'s recruiting division. As a member of the cabal, he had access to the mental temple they used for a ceremonial ground prior to the loss of their passcode and has a preference for the mental temple over a physical location.[1]

He can perform summoning ceremonies, with the one in the shared ceremonial ground involving creating a talisman for a safe birth from Taphthartharath.[1]


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