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The pound sign (£), symbol for the pound sterling of the United Kingdom and also used for similarly named currencies in the world.

The Pound Economy (ポンド圏 Pondo-ken?, lit. "Pound sphere") is the name given to a group of forty nations affiliated with England.[1]


The nations of the "pound economy" are countries which used to be ruled by England and are still affiliated with them.

Various aspects of the nations which were changed under England's rule, such as flag design, official language and independent currency, have been returned to them, however England still draws energy from the ley lines and other sources of magical energy within the "pound economy" countries which have been artificially altered for this purpose, draining from the "pound economy" to spread their own influence across the world. Many of the "pound economy" nations resent England for this since it deprives them of their magical foundations and causes crop failure.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission TestEdit

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During a summit of "pound economy" leaders in London, they enacted a plot to free themselves from England's influence by destroying the magical foundation of London using a spell based on the end of St. George, sold to them by a third party. In order to prevent this plan from being discovered, Prime Minister Aili Hexenphobia had Emilie Fordia attempt to assassinate Freadia Strikers who was in charge of security arrangements for the summit.[1]

After this assassination attempt failed, Aili was confronted by Anglican forces but trapped them inside a barrier with her as the St. George spell was activated. However the spell had been altered to target the "pound economy" countries instead, resulting in the destruction of their magical foundations.[1]


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