Power Lifter

Hamazura Shiage and Stephanie Gorgeouspalace get into Power Lifters

The Power Lifter (運搬着 (パワーリフター) Unpan-gi (Pawā Rifutā)?, lit. "Transport Clothes") is a heavy machinery used in the transportation of cargo and other large objects.[1] Not like the military Powered Suits, it is a humanoid-shaped exoskeleton that the operator wears on their backs.


Three meters in height,[2] the Power Lifter is a large unit that the operator wears on their back like a backpack.[2] It has two huge steel arms[3] that are large enough to reach the ground when dangled down,[2] as well as smaller legs for stability control.[2]

Likely because it is not used for military purposes, the Power Lifter's joints are not covered or armored.[1] Like any stereotypical heavy machinery, it is colored yellow.


Weighing two tons,[2] the heavy machinery is a prototype,[2] and is used for the transportation of cargo.[1] In spite of this an operator doesn't need a license to use it,[3] making it very dangerous at the hands if used poorly. Indeed, Stephanie Gorgeouspalace, one of the known users of the machine has reiterated to Hamazura Shiage several times that the machine can still kill someone.[3]

The Power Lifter has a host of components that allows it to operate. The Power Lifter's arms are controlled by two joysticks that are connected via cables, while the legs were controlled via foot pedals. When an operator is in the Power Suit, a safety bar lowers to hold them in place.[2] It has two primary power sources as well as a spare one, stability controls, a processor,[2] and sensors.[3] An AI can be installed on the Power Lifter as well, as shown when Shiage used Aneri to assist him in using the heavy machinery. Overall, the Power Lifter is strong enough to lift a small car,[2] and leap mid-air, as well as nimble enough to carry cargo while doing so.[4] Indeed, Stephanie implies that the machine can lift cargo with a single arm or leg while doing acrobatics, shown when Shiage used the machine's nimbleness and flexibility to carry cargo while moving in an elevator shaft.[5] One dangerous aspect of the Power Lifter is its exposed joints, as it can catch the operator if they are not careful[2] and that it will cause an internal shock if something is caught in it.[1]


The Power Lifter can also be salvaged and turned into a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon (携行式防衛火器?)), as Stephanie Gorgeouspalace can attest. Her PDW could not fire regular bullets but instead uses pressurized gas to fire "mock" bullets made of tungsten, essentially a gas gun. Despite the unusual ammunition, it is still very dangerous and can riddle a human body with holes when fired from within twenty to thirty meters.[6]


Unique to the Power Lifter is its usage of an AUD, an air-projected heads up display. It works by heating or cooling the air near the operator's face locally to create an abnormal refraction of right. The Power Lifter would then display necessary information on it.[2] This becomes particularly useful for Shiage when he uses the Power Lifter with Aneri installed in the machine.


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