The Power of the World (世界の力(せかいのちから) Sekai no Chikara?) is a mysterious energy source that comes from the earth, a pulse that forms all the forces and flows in the world like blood vessels extending out everywhere.[1]


The power of the world is similar to the concept of mana and telesma. Like mana, which is formed from the life force of human beings, the power of the world requires refinement in order to be used. Normally, not too powerful, using a temple or shrine, a large amount of power can be generated.

It is nigh-undetectable power even to normal magicians and is described as being like air. Although, specially trained magicians and feng shui masters can detect and see the force. Apparently, Touma's Imagine Breaker can destroy the power of the world, but is apparently ineffective as if the power simply returns back to the earth it is later destroyed naturally, reverting the power back to the world.[1]

Ley LinesEdit

A Ley Line (レイライン Rei Rain?) is a current of power that runs through the earth, using a number alignments using terrain and monuments, among other geographical interests. Ley lines are alterable by destroying and altering the terrain that runs through it, or applying the art of feng shui. However, modification of ley lines is a delicate process, as making a mistake can cause disastrous results. As such, modifications of ley lines are often carried out as big national projects and magicians who use earth for their magic are forced to be careful lest they destroy important magical points.

With modifications, leylines can be used to strengthening the power that flows through a ley line, or as something akin to pipelines. Ley lines can be described as pipelines and the nodes where they meet up for example, the Avignon and the Vatican, act as reservoirs where other pipes are connected. With this, certain affects can be achieved, such as a spell travelling through the ley line from a node to another node, which will then spread that spell's effect through the ley lines it is connected to.

There are different types of power that pulsate throughout the earth, with some important to magicians while being useless to others. Furthermore, these powers also flows in different directions. As such, reading ley lines are different for each culture and can be difficult without clues. Moreover, these types of powers are not apparent in the world, but are just categorizations made by humans.

Once again, Touma's Imagine Breaker is ineffective against ley lines, which is contrasted with Touma not being able to destroy human's life forces with it, despite that it is where mana is taken for use in magic.[2]


Deep Blood ArcEdit

Main article: Deep Blood Arc

It is referred to by Index after journeying into the Misawa Cram School after following Stiyl Magnus' mana trail. Here, it is referenced as a way to describe the incredibly unnatural way the Misawa Cram School has been set up by Aureolus Izzard, seemingly making the building seem to cut and interrupt the flow of the power of the world under the building.[1]

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