The Priestess of Sekhmet (セクメトの巫女 Sekumeto no Miko?) is a deceased Egyptian Magician whom Leep looked up to.[1] Leep's desire to learn more about her led her to use and later try to attack the Index Librorum Prohibitorum.


The Priestess is remembered by Leep as being like a strict older sister.[2] Though records state that she was terribly cruel and merciless, in actually she had a kind side to her,[3] had a weakness for sweet foods and would charge into battle on hearing a crying child even if she had nothing to gain.[2]


In the past, Leep came to look up to the Priestess despite her reputation as a goddess of bloodshed and slaughter. The Priestess refused to take her as an apprentice but didn't outright reject her, because of her fear of losing Leep, indicating that she truly cared for her. Because of this, Leep learned her techniques through observation instead. She never revealed anything about her past to Leep or anyone else, which meant that Leep didn't learn much about the Priestess herself.[2]

At some point after she died without complaint, grave robbers stole parts of her version of the Book of the Dead, leaving Leep unable to read the complete version and truly understand the person she looked up to but knew nothing for certain about, unable to spread the truth about her.[3]


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In order to read the complete version of the Priestess's Book of the Dead and learn the truth about her, Leep sought to recreate the book inside the head of Index Librorum Prohibitorum through the scattered fragments of text and then extract it from her head by manipulating Sphinx.[4] After being discovered, she attacked Index with her own version of the Priestess's magic,[5] but Index used her knowledge to distract her mid-attack, causing her to lose control.[6]

As Leep still sought the completed book and the truth, Index conveyed the information of the completed grimoire inside her head, speaking as the Priestess to her. The Priestess's voice told Leep that this was for the best and that instead of being trapped by her, she should become a freer magician. She mentioned how she was confused at how Leep looked up to her considering the kind of person she was, but was happy, which was why she refused to take her on as an apprentice but continued to partially respond to what she wanted. She added that she should have outright refused her but was afraid of losing her, and says she is sorry.[3]

The Priestess says that she was truly happy when Leep created a path to Bastet rather than Sekhmet, and tells her to become someone who will cover people in a shower of blessings rather than blood. She says that though Leep was her greatest trouble, she was also her greatest hope, and that even as she looked up to her, she was a magician who had moved far ahead of her. Hearing these words, Leep loses consciousness with a tearful smile.[3]


The Priestess made use of Magic based on Egyptian Mythology, involving the violent lioness goddess Sekhmet.[1] Judging by Leep, who learned the Priestess's techniques through observation,[2] her Magic likely involved invoking the power of Sekhmet by entering a trance and through harming herself so that she becoming intoxicated with the shedding of blood, much like Sekhmet was said to do from the shed blood of both enemies and herself. This would allow her to gain bestial claws and fangs, high speed and enhanced strength.[5]


  • (Contents of Priestess of Sekhmet's Book of the Dead as voiced by Index regarding Leep, from NT Index SS): "I was truly happy when you created a path to Bastet instead of Sekhmet. So become someone who will cover people in a shower of blessings rather than someone like me who covers people in a shower of blood. While you were my greatest trouble, you were also my greatest hope. Do you understand, Leep? Even as you looked up to me, you were a magician who had moved far ahead of me."


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