The Princess Villian hostage crisis was an event which occurred near the Strait of Dover in the French side 10 years prior to the current year of the story timeline. It involved the abduction of the then 14-year old Princess Villian by the Spanish Astrological Sect, a Roman Catholic cabal. Wanting to use this chance to attack the cabal and claim its territories in South America, the princess was abandoned by the British Royal Family, prompting William Orwell to save the princess himself.[1]


Since the sinking of the Spanish Armada, there had been some history and hostility between English and Spanish magical cabals. One of the Spanish sects was the Spanish Astrological Sect, one of the few major factions in the Roman Catholic Church. Meanwhile, the British Royal Family, specifically the politicians that were part of it,[2] desired the territories in South America that was controlled by the sect during the Age of Discovery and wanted it for England and expand its influence.[1]

Princess Villian herself had little power or influence. However, William Orwell would reference this event as a ploy to fight for the throne.[1]


The AbductionEdit

Villian's rescue

Princess Villian during the crisis

The Spanish Astrological Sect orchestrated the abduction of Princess Villian from her royal carriage, which should normally have provided perfect protection, but didn't due to a deal arising from political circumstances.[1] The carriage would later be stuck on the French side of the Strait of Dover, making it a political quagmire for England. Later, either Villian or the carriage itself would later send an SOS, an unprecedented event as the Traveling Fortress was said to be magically the perfect "protection net".[1]

The Knights of England whose job it is to protect members of the Royal Family soon responded and later camped out on the British side of the Strait of Dover. However, they are unable to mount a rescue mission as the politicians in the British Royal Family hoped to use the crisis as a chance to attack the sect as it still controlled many territories in South America and want it for England, in order to gain control of the territories and expand its influence. William suspected that Anglican Church Archbishop Laura Stuart influenced the Royal Family in making them use a forceful method of increasing territory.[3]

Princess Villian, with her low political influence and power, was to be used as a scapegoat in order to achieve this goal. Furthermore, France made a declaration that they would resolve the battle near the Strait of Dover telling England not to worry. The meaning behind is that the Knights of England or England itself cannot act or intervene if the battle itself does not reach England.[1] The narration references a "deal" regarding Villian stuck in the Strait of Dover near France, which likely implies that France made a deal with England regarding the handling of the crisis. France would later do battle against the sect, and its aftermath can be seen from the British side by the time William Orwell decided to act.[1]

With the knights' hands tied with the delicate political situation, William Orwell decided to head out onto the battlefield himself, being free to do so as a mercenary. The Knight Leader wished to follow him not wanting the princess' reputation to be marred due to being rescued by a mercenary, and more so, because he wants to aid him as they are friends in spite of the present danger of losing his right as a knight if he does so. William tells him to hurry up as the defenses of the Traveling Fortress that Villian is in might not hold up since the Royal Family is involved in the situation as well. The Knight Leader agrees and as he lowers his defenses, William immobilizes him to prevent him from joining him in the battle against the sect. He tells him that the Knight Leader should keep his position as a knight in order to protect Princess Villian as a mercenary like him could not, predicting correctly that a similar situation will happen to the princess in the future. Furthermore, he also tells him to protect the Royal Family as well who has become corrupted.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no Index III E09 13m 10s

The Knight Leader punches William Orwell

William Orwell later returns with Princess Villian alive and well. For his trouble however, the Knight Leader punched him in the face as punishment for going off on his own. Knight Leader then asks if William is truly leaving England as he intended, to which he confirms earning him another punch from the Knight Leader. He asks if William was drunk, to which if he was then he would've smashed him with a wine bottle. In spite of this, the Knight Leader shows him a Scottish whiskey, and that since he is going away that day then he should at least beat him up. William asks what he was angry about in the first place, though the Knight Leader says that William cannot shake off the habit of being a mercenary. He then complains to William for what he had done as the Knight Leader spent so much effort in having him become a member of the Knights of England. Knight Leader then asks what William wants so much that he so adamantly rejected his offer. William tells him it is nothing special.
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E09 13m 36s

William Orwell, the Knight Leader and Princess Villian

He explains that there is a difference between a Knight and a mercenary, and though the Knights have great power there are things that they can't solve that only a mercenary can, and it’s the same for a mercenary as well for although they have freedom they have difficulty getting trust from other people or other organizations. William tells him that the larger the organization the more things it can't control, necessitating on an outside observer of the organization. Knight Leader agreed with his words though kept silent. William smiled after seeing his friend and says that they should look out for the Anglican Church as it greatly influences the British Royal Family, perhaps enough to have them use a forceful method to increase their territory. Hearing of this, Knight Leader could only think of the Anglican Church's leader, Archbishop Laura Stuart.

He continues by saying that the problem not only lies within England but with the other two Christian denominations, as well as Academy City, with all of their actions getting unpredictable. The Knight Leader then asks if he won't consider being a member of the Knights of England and become a firm foundation of the country. William replies that it does not solve all the problems, and says that Knight Leader can protect the country from the inside while he protects it from the outside, allowing for each side to have the capability to stop the other. The Knight Leader finally gives up and passes the Scottish whiskey to him as a farewell gift. William then asks him to help him cancel the heraldry that was being made for him in London, as he says that if it remained the obsession will remain as well. Thus William Orwell departed England.[3]

Escutcheon of William Orwell (Anime)

The escutcheon of William Orwell.

Despite his escutcheon being cancelled after it was being made halfway, William was so well respected by the manufacturer when he was working in England that he took great care and preservation of it.[4] Meanwhile, the politicians in the Royal Family that started this whole affair in using Princess Villian were later punished and taught a lesson by Queen Elizard using the Curtana Second.[2]

The fate of the Spanish Astrological Sect is unknown. Moreover, since there is no mention at all of any territorial gains by England, it is likely that England failed to gain more territory from this venture. 


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