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A Private Salon (個室サロン Koshitsu Saron?), as they are often referred to, is a type of rentable room located within School District 3 in Academy City. They are often used as hideouts by ITEM.


The private salons are rooms which can be hired for a certain time for various purposes, such as having fun or parties, away from observation. Most of Academy City's students live in regulated student dorms and being under the eye of adults during classes and after school can be stressful. The private salons are like secret hideouts which can be bought so students can do things without being observed, though teachers and guardians aren't too fond of them due to the setup having the danger of being one wrong step away from being a hotbed for sexual crimes.[1][2]

Information regarding usage of the rooms is kept secret as it would defeat the entire point of hiring them in the first place.[3] A member ID is required to enter the building where the salons are located. Members with two-star membership are able to reserve individual rooms on a yearly contact.[4]

Like at a karaoke bar, food can be ordered from the rooms over an internal line, and the rooms have a refrigerator.[2] The rooms also have a television, with satellite and internet connection as well as a video game system installed next to it, and shelves with various board and card games.[5] It also has an indoor private swimming pool for recreation and showers with locker rooms as well.[6][7][8][9][10]


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Battle Royale Arc

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The members of ITEM, except Frenda Seivelun, regrouped at one of their hideouts in a private salon after their clash with SCHOOL. After Mugino Shizuri had Takitsubo Rikou search for Kakine Teitoku with her power, revealing him to be in the building, Kakine kicked down the door and attacked with his subordinates. While Mugino stayed behind to fight Kakine, the other members of ITEM made their escape.[4]


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After the shoot out between the remnants of Spark Signal and members of GROUP at School District 3 Underground Shopping Center, ten of twenty of the remaining members escaped and took hostages at a private salon, including Takitsubo Rikou. Hamazura Shiage, determined to rescue Rikou, made an entrance on to the roof of the building where he ended up fighting and taking down the three members on the roof of the Spark Signals survivors.[11] While Shiage was breaking into the building, Accelerator, who had been chasing them finally caught up with them and proceeded to exterminate the team who where caught off guard preparing to deal with the situation on the roof. While the terrorists were distracted by Accelerator, Sugitani suddenly appeared and killed all of the remaining members of Spark Signal.[12] After that, Accelerator started checking inside building and found the worn-down Rikou nearby. Right when he was about to help her, Shiage arrived and misunderstood the situation before his eyes - the two then had a brief fight before being stopped by an ill Rikou.[13]

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Freshmen Arc

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While trying to protect Fremea Seivelun from the Freshmen, Hamazura Shiage and Hattori Hanzou temporarily took refuge within a private salon.[14] However while Hanzou was out, Shiage and Fremea were forced to flee after Kuroyoru Umidori and Silvercross Alpha's Edge Bees found and attacked them.[15]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Silent Party Arc

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Daihasei Festival Arc

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Dream Ranker Arc

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Ch78[8]/Ep18[9], Ep19[10]