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The Processor Suit Arc is a story arc in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index, covered in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 19.

Following the incident at the Windowless Building, Kamijou Touma finds himself accompanying Aleister Crowley, now in the form of a young girl, in search of the demon Coronzon's influence in the city. At the same time, Hamazura Shiage wakes up to find himself in a high-tech Processor Suit and mistaken for the culprit in an attack on a trading office. While being pursued by Anti-Skill and others, he finds himself looking after a certain baby.


Aleister and Lilith

As a young man, Aleister Crowley was invited into the Golden Dawn, the world's largest magic cabal, by founder Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers, who sought to use him in his efforts to undermine fellow founder William Wynn Westcott and claim the cabal's achievements as his own.[1][2] However Aleister turned against the Golden Dawn after learning from his friend and mentor Allan Bennett that his future daughter would die as a result of the influence of the 'sparks' produced by phase collisions, a phenomena which the cabal's practices were aggravating while they kept themselves safe via a certain treasure.[3] Through the Battle of Blythe Road, Aleister instigated a conflict between the Mathers and Westcott factions of the Golden Dawn, taking advantage of the chaos to curse the cabal's members, dooming them to either die or live a life devoid of possibilities for success, where all of their choices would lead to failure. As a result, the Golden Dawn splintered and collapsed, with all subsequent attempts to recreate it doomed to failure.[4]

Several years later, Aleister met Rose Edith Kelly and after marrying, she became his assistant in his magical research. In Egypt in 1904, Aiwass was summoned into his wife's body and conveyed to Aleister the secrets that he would compile into the Book of the Law, which would form the foundation of Thelema. A little while afterwards, his first daughter Lilith was born.[5] Aleister temporarily stopped his magical research in order to assist with Lilith's birth, and protect his unstable wife and daughter afterwards. After their condition stabilized, to make up for the delay, he set off on a trip to a great mountain to achieve a certain objective. However while he was there, the effects of 'sparks' resulted in Lilith's sudden death from illness, something which Aleister learned of by letter once he had finished his task.[5] On that day, Aleister left a single tearstain in his diary,[6][7] and thoroughly gave up on the laws of the world and god which he had already cursed since childhood.[5][4] Coming to hate and curse the destiny of the entire world, Aleister sought to strike back against the force which had taken his daughter from him and torn his family apart, planning the destruction of the phases and all magic.[5][4]

Unknown to Aleister however, Aiwass had intervened when he possessed Rose and taken steps while Lilith was in the womb to ensure that her essence would be taken to the safety of another phase until a time where circumstances would allow for her survival when she was returned to the world. In addition to passing through the Holy Guardian Angel, Lilith would be permeated by numerous powers during this time, granting her unfathomable potential and hidden power.[8]

Meanwhile, Aleister's downward spiral continued as he repeatedly experienced failure as he tried to make progress towards his ultimate goal.[7][9][10][5][4][Notes 1][11] He was deported several times and couldn't establish a permanent base for his research.[4] Eventually, on December 1st 1947, in accordance with the rules he had set when he destroyed the Golden Dawn, he turned his blade on himself and received the curse of failure. To the rest of the world, this was where he died.[4][12] In truth, he was saved by Heaven Canceller and travelled to Japan, where he established Academy City, during the post-war recovery period, in pursuit of his goal.[12]

At some point, Aleister brought forth many alternative versions of himself into the world. Having not thought his actions through, he ended up having to bind all 1,083,092,867 of these possibilities to his body, with his life-support system preventing them from diffusing from him.[13][14]


Processor Suit

Recent Events


The Launch of the Windowless Building

Hamazura Shiage's Situation

Attack on District 7 Central Anti-Skill Station

The Botanical Garden

Kamijou Touma and Aleister Crowley

Accelerator and Mina Mathers

The Battle at Heaven Canceller's Hospital

Aiwass VS Coronzon



  1. The side-effects of one of Aleister's failed experiments near Loch Ness gave rise to the myth of Loch Ness Monster and would later be used to produce the Mimetic Predators.



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