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Project Code EIC (Economic Intelligence Control) (プロジェクト=コードEIC?) is a system to purposefully manipulate rumors to freely raise or lower the values of selected products in order to freely change how well entire stores sell. It was developed in Academy City’s cooperative institutions in Russia by Setali S. Skinikia and tested and used in the shopping center complex.[1]


When it is used, a third party can spread rumors either good or bad about a product regardless of its actual value in order to profit. If it is used properly, it is possible that a country could be pushed up to being a major power or that an enemy country could be destroyed without firing a single bullet.[2]

It also has the ability to be used to spread information to cause mass hysteria and chaos where people's mental state is such that they can no longer distinguish between the truth and lies. It reads people’s actions through all the security cameras and estimates what their feelings are, then it automatically creates a news source that uses the best timing to spread the rumor in waves - thereby controlling people in a mass rather than as individuals.[3]

The center for Code EIC is in an underground facility called the stock market center, where the stocks of all the countless stores registered in the shopping mall are traded and deals are made using money from all over the world. Because a large scale communications network needs a processor that can calculate that massive amount of data instantly it serves as an ideal home for Code EIC as well. Inside the center is divided into many booths separated by transparent partitions made of reinforced glass. In addition to the normal screens and monitors, the walls, ceiling, and other surfaces were all monitors for the Semi-Open AR allowing the entire space to be filled with flowing numbers. The size of the center is around the size of a small concert hall, the conspicuous facility was constructed out of straight lines and was colored mainly a pale blue the entire facility was built in a doughnut shape with the facilities giant computer installed in the center that is greater than 8 school classrooms and its height was on par with a three-story building. The calculation data used for the stock trading only takes up a third of the super computers processor, the rest is related to Code EIC.[4]

Caliche I. Niknosh and her group were contacted in secret by the higher-ups of the shopping center complex, asking them to observe the people’s minds from the occult point of view acting as another one of the many sensors - in exchange they would gain Code EIC as part of the deal. However, the promise was broken, leading to the higher-ups' deaths at the hands of Caliche and her group, who then tried to take it.[5]