Pseudepigrapha Railgun (偽典・超電磁砲 Niseten Rērugan?) is a collection of artwork by several artists, 4-komas, omakes, and fanfiction stories of the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe.

It was originally released as a bonus for a special edition of the release of the 5th manga volume of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun on June 26, 2010.[1]



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  • Toaru Anbu no Conference (とある暗部の下着論争 (カンファレンス) Toaru Anbu no Shitagi Ronsō (Kanfarensu)?, lit. "A Certain Dark Side's Underwear Dispute")Fuyukawa Motoi.
  • Toaru Yukaina o Chibi-chan (とある愉快なおちびちゃん lit. A Certain Pleasant Small Fry?)—Eretto.
  • Toaru Saten no Chinkara Hoi (とある佐天の魔術指導 (チンカラホイ) Toaru Saten no Majutsu Shidō (Chinkara Hoi)?, lit. "A Certain Saten's Magic Coaching")[Notes 1]Mishima Hiroji.
  • Toaru Nabekai no Saten-san (とある鍋会の美味食材 (さてんさん) Toaru Nabekai no Biki Shokuzai (Saten-san)?, lit. "A Certain Pot Party's Delicious Food")Koume Keito.

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  1. Chinkara Hoi refers to the magic words used in the by Nobita of Doraemon fame to lift up objects without actually touching them, but always end up lifting Shizuka's skirt up.


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