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Psychokinesis (念力サイコキネシス Nenriki (Saikokineshisu)?) (PK) in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe is both, one of two criteria that esper powers are grouped into, the other being ESP or Extrasensory perception,[1][2] and an esper power in itself.[3]



Basically, Psychokinesis involves influencing of an object external to the user. Powers that allows one to physically affect an object are classified in PK, like Telekinesis. As explained by Tsukuyomi Komoe, PK has a higher precedence in the classification of esper powers than ESP, especially when an esper power sits on both sides of the boundary between ESP and PK.[1]

Psychokinesis is also one of the six attributes measured during the System Scan, alongside Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, and Precognition.[4]

Esper power[]

As an esper power, Psychokinesis has various applications. Regarding the Columbus’ Egg test, espers specializing in Psychokinesis could keep the egg from falling when they worked to the point of the blood vessels in their brain almost bursting, though it's said to be an extremely difficult challenge because the egg would break if the Psychokinesis was too powerful.[3]

A Level 5 version of the ability is used by the Qiong Qi Coffin against Accelerator, which is able to easily dissipate the #1's wind attack. It can also create a dark round mass of unknown effect.[5] Also, Misaka Mikoto, after witnessing Item defeating STUDY's Powered Suits controlled by Janie's Diffusion Ghost, initially theorized the machines were moved by a Psychokinetic user of at least Level 5-tier due to the sheer number of the Powered Suits controlled.[6]

Known Subtypes[]

  • Micro Structure (微細構築ミクロステラクチャー Bisai Kōshiku (Mikuro Suterakuchā)?, lit. "Micro Construction"): It allows the user to perform Psychokinesis on an atomic level by altering the behavior of molecules.[7]
  • Perfect Paper (浸紙念力パーフェクトペーパー Shinshi Nenriki (Pāfekuto Pēpā)?, lit. "Immersed Paper Psychokinesis"): It allows the user to be able to freely manipulate paper into various forms and shapes.[8]

Known Psychokinetics[]