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Psychometry (読心能力サイコメトリー Satoru Kokoro Nōryoku (Saikometorī)?, lit. "Mind-Reading Ability") is a major type of esper ability that exists in Academy City. It is also one of the six major esper attributes tested during the System Scan.[1]

True to its name, Psychometry is said to be one of the many abilities in Academy City that allows the user to read or manipulate the human mind.[2] It may also enable the user to glean another person's thoughts by observing the surroundings,[3] or objects relevant to the person. It is used by Judgment to track down criminals, and was used to search evidence regarding the graviton bomber, to no avail.[4]

Known Users

  • Unnamed Psychometrist girl - Level Unknown, uses hairclips to keep her focus.[3]
  • Unnamed Animal-type Psychometrist from Tokiwadai Middle School - Level Unknown (at least 3), uses psychometry on animals.[5][6]
  • Sha Danshan - Level Unknown (at least 3), uses remain-based psychometry.[7]