Psychometry (読心能力 (サイコメトリー) Satoru Kokoro Nōryoku (Saikometorī)?, lit. "Mind-Reading Ability") is a major type of esper ability that exists in Academy City. It is also one of the five major esper attributes tested during the System Scan.

True to its name, Psychometry is said to be one of the many abilities in Academy City that allows the user to read or manipulate the human mind.[1] It may also enable the user to glean another person's thoughts by observing the surroundings,[2]or objects relevant to the person. It is used by Judgment to track down criminals, and was used to search evidence regarding the graviton bomber, to no avail.[3]

Known Users

  • Psychometry Girl (unnamed) - High school student that uses hairclips to keep her focus.[2]
  • Animal-type Psychometrist from Tokiwadai (unnamed) - Level is at least 3, can use psychometry on animals.[4]


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