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Pyrokinesis in action.

Pyrokinesis (発火能力パイロキネシス Hakka Nōryoku (Pairokineshisu)?, lit. "Ignition Power") is a type of esper ability which involves the creation and manipulation of flames. The general term for this kind of Esper is a Pyrokinesist (発火能力者 Hakka Nōryoku-sha?).


As its name indicates, Pyrokinesis is an ability which allows one to generate and manipulate fire. It isn't fully known to what degree the ability's mechanisms follow the typical 'scientific' rationale associated with the phenomena in various works,[Notes 1] though there are indications that it may follow those principles.[1][2] The AIM diffusion field emitted by a Pyrokinesist causes their surroundings to become warmer.[1]

Okahara Ryouta, a Pyrokinesist enhanced to Level 3 through the Level Upper, displayed the ability to manipulate the flames he created to home in on a target.[3]

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  1. In many other fictional works, the 'scientific' rationale associated with Pyrokinesis involves inducing or increasing the movement or vibrations of a target's molecules through Telekinesis, to the point of ignition. In cases where fires are started with no combustible materials present, there may also be a realization factor involved besides heating power (such as the decomposition of molecules in the air into flammable forms).