The Queen Diver (簒奪の槍 (クイーンダイバー) Sandatsu no Yari (Kuīn Daibā)?, lit ."Spear of Usurpation) is an equipment that was used by Deadlock to attack Shokuhou Misaki. It is specifically designed as a counter to Shokuhou Misaki's Mental Out esper power.


The Queen Diver appears as a red suit and a full face helmet. Jutting out from the suit in over 50 places, including the bottoms of the feet, knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, waist, back, and chest, are inline skate wheels. The suit is also equipped with an explosive-driven pile bunker mounted over the shoulder of the user. There are two tiny jet engines on the back.[1]


Built as a counter to Misaki's Mental Out, the user of the Queen Diver can travel over 200kph using the jet engines. This speed allows for the user to evade Misaki, making it difficult for her to use Mental Out on them. The helmet is also equipped with a program that detects any abnormal brainwave activity - as such if Misaki is able to use Mental Out on the user, the Queen Diver will switch control of the suit over to a program.[1] However, there is danger when using the Queen Diver, not to mention the dangerous high-speeds that the user is subjected to, if the jet engine is damaged it can cause the suit to catch fire, which can easily melt the suit[1] or even explode.[2] Moreover, despite the precautions given by the helmet, Misaki is still somehow able to use her Mental Out on the user.[3]

FIVE_Over researchEdit

In reality, the Queen Diver is part of a research on developing a working FIVE_Over Modelcase_"MENTAL_OUT", a machine that can replicate and exceed Misaki's Mental Out esper ability. For this purpose, including detecting the abnormal brain activity, the Queen Diver's helmet also scans the brain structure of the Queen Diver users Misaki is using Mental Out on and sends them back to the researchers.[4] The representative of those researchers is Shundou Toshizou, who later lends the Queen Divers to Deadlock, hoping to acquire information on Mental Out even if it meant sacrificing Shokuhou Misaki.[3] Deadlock's usage of the Queen Divers for the purpose of gaining information on Mental Out would go in vain however as the information failed to produce a working FIVE_Over. Moreover, Toshizou and the others would later get caught in a highly unusual accidental explosion, prematurely halting Toshizou's goal of acquiring Mental Out. Toshizou would later try again after putting his mind into a killer whale and then manipulating Mitsuari Ayu to do his bidding[3] in completing the FIVE_Over[4] without her knowing.[3]


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