Rachel (レイチェル Reicheru?) is a nun of the Anglican Church.


As an Anglican nun, she wears a nun's habit.


Rachel displays a friendly behavior toward Index and seems to care about her enough to forget of her memory loss for the happiness of meeting her again after a long time.[1]


Not much is known about her past, except that she used to play together with Index.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

British Royal Family ArcEdit

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After having succeeded in weakening Curtana Original, the knights, and Carissa, some members of the Anglican Church, the Amakusa, the Agnese Forces, and Kamijou Touma take a short break to replenish their energy and to prepare themselves for the imminent final battle with Second Princess Carissa's forces. Shortly after Index eats Angelene's food directly from her plate, Rachel approaches the white nun. Forgetting that Index lost her memory, Rachel asks her if she remembers her, mentioning that they used to play together, and she offers her a Salisbury steak. Then Index ask her who she is and why she is pinching at her cheek. Another nun appears and after a giggled comment about Rachel forgetfulness of Index's memory loss, she notes that the silver haired nun is gluttonous as ever. The nuns offers Index other food too, but Index replies that she just ate a Salisbury steak. A third Anglican nun, enraptured by Index's cuteness, gives her her steak, which Index, in a very rare case, denies. In a short time, Index get surrounded by other sisters wanting to feed her.[1]


  • (To Index in Vol. 18) "Oh, how nostalgic!! Do you remember me? It’s Rachel. We used to always play together. Oh, right. Do you want a Salisbury steak?"


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