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The "Sisters" gathering.

Radio Noise Project (超電磁砲量産 (レディオノイズ) 計画 Choudenjihou Ryōsan Keikaku (Redio Noizu Keikaku)?, lit. "Railgun Mass Production Plan") or Sisters Project was originally a project that intended to use clones of Misaka Mikoto—a level 5 esper, for military purposes. The clones were then later re-used for the Level 6 Shift experiments, so that Accelerator, the strongest level 5 in Academy City, could reach level 6.

The clones are collectively known as Sisters.

Concept and CreationEdit

According to the report in one of the computers at Higuchi Pharmacology Laboratory 7 of the Higuchi Pharmacies, one can successfully produce fertilized eggs of Misaka Mikoto, a clone, using the somatic cells extracted from Mikoto’s hair.

Using the drug Zid-02, Riz-13, and Hel-03 significantly reduces the time the mind and body of the clone needs to grow to the same state as that of Mikoto as well as input necessary information is that of roughly 14 days.[1] Cultivation tanks are used for the development of the clones, and the Testament machine created by Nunotaba Shinobu will be used to input basic intracerebral information into the clones.[2] The entire process of creating a clone is apparently equivalent to the cost of 180,000 yen each.[3] Prior to the mass production of clones, Dolly was created in order to research on how to make clones live long enough. She was also an experiment on how to create an information sharing network between the clones, the Misaka Network.[4]

It is later shown that due to the clones having an accelerated growth due to drugs and hormones, that their bodies began to deteriorate and lifespans shortened after prolonged periods, though they simply require readjustments to enable them to survive.[5]


Mikoto willingly gave a DNA sample to the researchers at the 7th Medical Research Center of the Higuchi Pharmacies[2], under assumption that they would use it to help children who are living with muscular dystrophy; using her powers to replicate bio-signs, they had her believe they could control the bioelectrical signal of the body and reroute it to a nerve signal network, meaning the children would be able to gain control of said muscles, thus allowing movement.[6][7][8]

This was a complete fabrication, as the true purpose of using Mikoto's DNA was to create a clone of Misaka Mikoto—the 'Railgun'.[2]

Failure of the First Production PlanEdit

Before mass production of the clones could begin, the simulation that the Tree Diagram produced showed that it was impossible to create a level 5 clone of Mikoto despite genetic manipulation and use of the Testament. It showed that the clones' specifications reached less than 1% of that of the real Mikoto's, which was equal to that of a level 2.[2]

To cut losses, the project was suspended indefinitely, all ongoing research stopped, research teams were dissolved, and data on the project purged. As a result, Amai Ao, fell into a huge debt,[9] and eagerly joined Level 6 Shift to cover it.

Second Production Plan: Level 6 ShiftEdit

However, the Level 6 Shift program – an experiment designed to make Accelerator, the strongest level 5 in Academy City reach level 6[10] – reused the project. The project began after Tree Diagram calculated that Accelerator killing Mikoto 128 times in battle, would allow him to achieve level 6; however, since 128 level 5 Mikoto clones could not be prepared, it was calculated by Tree Diagram that Accelerator killing 20,000 clones at level 2-3 would achieve the same results.[7] Here, Amai Ao a researcher from the original project was made to direct the experiments. Nunotaba Shinobu was recalled as well to supervise the inputting of intracerebral information into the clones, though she shortly left after realizing that the clones were truly human.[6]

Shortly before the termination of the Level 6 Shift and the Sisters project, Misaka 20001, also known Last Order, was created as a fail-safe if ever the clones went out-of-control. This makes Last Order the administrator of the Misaka Network and the superior of every other clone.[11][12][13]

Legacy and AftermathEdit

After the termination of the project, General Superintendent Aleister Crowley purposely planned for Level 6 Shift to fail and have the sister clones distributed all around the globe to branch facilities for readjustments. The reason being to cover the globe with a massive AIM-field, which is a crucial part of his plan for eliminating magic completely.

Another batch of Mikoto clones were also created, though they were created for a different project. These clones are known as 'Misaka Worst', and are level 4 clones of Mikoto. They look older than the original clones and have a much more aggressive personality.[14]

List of known involved facilitiesEdit

All facilities apparently masquerade as facilities involved in finding a cure or a medicine for muscular dystrophy.

  • 7th Medical Research Center (Higuchi Pharmaceutical Seventh Pharmaceutics Research Center)
  • Kanasaki University Muscular Dystrophy Research Institution[15]
  • Shinasame University DNA Map Analysis Laboratory[6]
  • Geomagnetic Anomaly Research Laboratory[6]
  • Foreign Medicine Research Center
  • Biomedical Genetic Research Facility[6]
  • Movement and Cognitive Research Institute[6]
  • Ryuden Sports Human Engineering Development Center[6]
  • S-Processor Laboratories[16]
  • Duchenne Dystrophy Research Center[17]
  • Mizuho Organization Pathology Analysis Laboratory[18]

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