Recovery Movement

The Recovery Movement as seen in the manga adaptation.[1]

The Recovery Movement or Recovery Exercise (回復運動 Kaifuku Undō?) was a seemingly short-lived social movement formed from the concerned guardians of the children that lived in Academy City.[2] Misaka Misuzu was a part of this movement.


Recovery Movement Protest

Protest led by the Recovery Movement as seen in the manga adaptation.[1]

The movement started after the events the 0930 Incident, obvious hostilities have risen between the Roman Catholic Church and Academy City prepare themselves for an inevitable clash. Fears of a war has the guardians and parents of the children they sent to Academy City becoming worried, and have expressed desire for their return.[3]

Criticisms and reactionsEdit

Criticisms of the movement states that the guardians are ignorant of the defenses of Academy City,[2] and that there is no other place safer than the City. [3]

The Academy City Board of Directors deem the movement however as a threat to the stability of the city, as having a great number students leaving the city would be a problem. According to Accelerator's assessment, it might not even be about students fighting for the war or them being research samples, but something that only the Board of Directors could conclude with their logic.[2] The narration implies that it maybe a reference to the students being the origin of the Imaginary Number District.[Excerpts 1]


Skill-Out UprisingEdit

Dangai University Database Center attackEdit

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Misaka Misuzu, though not intentionally causing trouble with her recovery of her daughter, Misaka Mikoto the 3rd ranked Level 5 and a highly valued esper in Academy City, seemingly becoming a representative of the movement,[4] she is causing a problem nonetheless. The Board of Directors coerces Skill-Out to assassinate her, and even approached GROUP, Accelerator in particular though he declined, to aid them[2]

After the efforts of Kamijou Touma and Accelerator in saving her from the assassination attempt, Misuzu has come to believe that there are many people who will come to protect Mikoto.[5] Moreover, Etzali convinces the higher-ups to cease their assassination attempt on her because of this.[6]


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