Red Player (レッドプレイヤー Reddo Pureiyā?) is the apparent name of a character that appears at the end of the storyline of Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP game. He is a magician, able to manipulate the past,[1] and is the main antagonist of the game.


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He is a magician from the future that came to Kamijou Touma and the other's present time. In the beginning of the story he was unable to manipulate the most recent time on his own, though became considerably able to interfere with the past in the present time, his capacity growing little by little. Eventually, it can be assumed that he would be able to manipulate the future directly himself. Furthermore, the White Player, who's ability is of the same type from his age, apparently slipped into an opening to the present day more than 2000 years across.[1]

He first appears at the end of Kamijou Touma's story, as the mysterious voice commenting on the events. He is not fully shown until the end of all the storylines, not including that of Misaka Mikoto.

He has the White Player, whom has the same type of ability as he is, call him "friend," and through his treachearous advise, had lost sight of his self-consciousness, inciting disillusionment. He tries to propose a cooperation with the White Player in order for their abilities to not into contact with each other, and attempted to distribute efficiently the gains they'll receive in their manipulation of time. However, it breaks down after the White Player takes a stance against him, saying "(he) doesn't know what would become of the present."[1]

As a response he manipulates a puppet Kamijou Touma against him,[1] but later breaks from his control, forcing the Red Player to have Touma contend against a gauntlet of enemies from the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe. His illusions are broken by Touma who cooperated with the White Player and forcibly returns the magician to his future time, losing his power in interefering with the present.


Much more conniving than the White Player, he manipulates the time of Touma and company for his own benefit. It can be assumed that is this manipulation that allows him to force the characters to fight.[1]


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