Rini Calculed (リニー=カルキュレド Rinī Karukyuredo?) is a magician who was making use of a shared ceremonial ground hidden in a container yard in Calais's harbor district.[1]



Rini is apparently around the same age as Agnese Sanctis. At the time of her interrogation, she was wearing pajamas and see-through negligee.[1]


In talking about her research, Rini appears to be enthusiastic about her subject matter and the potential applications. During her interrogation, while slightly hesitant, she insisted on using the word 'nightmare' rather than 'dream' and correcting Agnese, who considered that it might be an annoying obsession, and laughed when the mention of Dion Fortune was not enough for Agnese to figure out what she was talking about, further annoying her. Rini objected to the idea that she was interested in wounds left on the body as a bizarre form of self-harm and assuming that she was some kind of weirdo.[1]


Living in Calais,[2] Rini was researching nightmares and astral projection, being interested in marks left behind on the body afterwards (such as the scratches left on Dion Fortune's back after a dream world clash with Mina Mathers) and believing that they could be useful if controlled (with one example she considered being a placebo effect to deal with inoperable brain tumors and aortic aneurysms).[1]

As part of her research, she wanted to perform a summoning experiment to extract her soul or mind from her body and see what wounds would left on her body. She thought that the best way to accomplish this would be to leave home and cut herself off from the outside world, using tension of an unfamiliar environment as a booster to help her mind reach the desired state.[1]

Within the month before the Hood summoning incident, she made use of the shared ceremonial ground run by Jack Prometeria, unknowingly becoming part of the summoning ceremony which Jack intended to use to summon the ship.[1][3][4]


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Agnese's Magic Side Work ExperienceEdit

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As the phantom Hood was approaching Calais, she was abducted from her home by Anglican agents and brought to the container yard for interrogation by Agnese Sanctis, along with the other magicians who had used the shipping container in which the summoning ceremony was performed.[2][1] Answering truthfully about what they were doing, none of them knew the required exorcism procedure as they were not aware of being part of the summoning ceremony to begin with.[1][5][4]


Rini's exact capabilities are not known, though her field of research is known to be dreams (or nightmares) and astral projection, with an interest in the marks left on the body during their course and their potential applications if they could be controlled.[1]

She was capable of planning a summoning ceremony, intending to summon herself elsewhere to extract her soul or the core of her mind from her body, intentionally messing with the alchemical principle of salt to see what wounds were left on her body afterwards. She planned to use the tension of an unfamiliar environment, a factor in ghost sightings, as a booster to help her mind reach a higher level in order to accomplish her goal, leaving home and cutting herself off from the outside world to provide that tension. It isn't known how successful she was with this experiment.[1]


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