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Rokudou Ryuuichi (麓洞 龍一 Rokudō Ryūichi?) is a minor character introduced in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. He is a member of the Academy City military—most specifically, the airforce—deployed for the suppression of Baggage City, he is currently the only named pilot of a HsB-07.


He has an admirable trait on not giving up on completing missions despite the odds, and would rather end his life and take the many with him rather than failing his mission.[1]


As a pilot of the HsB-07, he had allowed his body to be frozen, and had machines connected to his body to allow for direct input of his brainwaves to control the plane. He is the pilot of the Francisca 3 (フランキスカ3 Furankisuka3?), and along with Francisca 1 and 2, were charged with the bombing of important facilities and establishments in Baggage City, such as runways, taxiways, radar facilities, and artillery.[1]


Baggage City Arc

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Ryuuichu first appears alongside 2 other HsB-02 aircrafts, escorting FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN"s, and searching for more structures to bomb. However, they came upon the misfortune on Marian Slingeneyer using Loki's Net to attack them. Francisca 1 is quickly destroyed, and Francisca 2 loses its ability to fly, he tries to contact for back-up, but is told to eject as his aircraft was breaking apart. Realizing that their enemy is of GREMLIN, and that his aircraft will not hold out for much longer Ryuuichi decides to crash his plane towards Marian Slingeneyer at the roof of the garbage disposal technology. In spite of this, Ryuuichi fails, and all that remains of his efforts is 13 centimeter metallic fragment.[1]

Impressed by his efforts, Marian takes the fragment as a souvenir.[1]


  • (To the AWACS from NT 4) "Do they look like gentlemen? They'd just slice me to pieces, parachute and all!"